Silicon Knights President Denis Dyack claims that we have already seen the end of never-ending role-playing games.

Trying to put the fanboy heat surrounding Too Human behind him, Silicon Knights’s Denis Dyack is now focusing on finishing his studio’s action role-playing game.

In an interview with Ars Technica, Dyack discussed how growing production values have already killed the concept of large RPGs.

“I think that died five years ago. I don’t know of too many people who are making those anymore. From the standpoint of production quality, you really want the optimum experience. Gamers these days have less and less time, so anything that starts going more than 15 hours will probably lose its audience,” explained Dyack. “I know the hardcore gamers don’t want to hear that, and I’m a hardcore gamer myself, but as you get older and you want to continue to play games, you just can’t put in that much time and have time for other games. That’s why I stay away from MMOGs.”

He continued to say that Silicon Knights chose to design Too Human as an action-RPG hyrbid as opposed to a more traditional RPG once it made the move to the Xbox 360.

“I think when we partnered up with Microsoft and weighed the console’s strengths, the idea of Live and the way it works created a backbone that we couldn’t ignore,” said Dyack. “It was an essential pillar of the game design. The hunting and gathering aspects of the genre lend themselves to a natural online experience. It was a perfect melding; the action and combat elements are deep and the role-playing elements are deep. I think people are really going to do it; it’s unique to the 360 and built from the ground up for it. Once people get into it, I think they’ll really like it.”

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