Oni Press is pleased to announce the August release of the long-awaited trade paperback collection of the third HOPELESS SAVAGES series – TOO MUCH HOPELESS SAVAGES. Written by Jen Van Meter (CINNAMON: EL CICLO) and illustrated by Christine Norrie (CHEAT) and Ross Campbell (SPOOKED), the story takes the Hopeless-Savage clan to Hong Kong, where they get caught up in a plot of Hitchcockian proportions. The four issues also feature contributions from BLUE MONDAY’s Chynna Clugston-Major and legendary letterer Tom Orzechowski.

“When you’ve reached the third installment in a franchise, you’ve got to go big!” Oni Press managing editor Randal C Jarrell said. “Jen Van Meter did just that, putting her family of characters on a plane to another part of the world and dropping them feet first into a tangled web of international intrigue. Good cops, shady British spies, dastardly criminals–Arsenal isn’t nearly prepared for what she’s going to get into when she signs on for an intercontinental king-fu tournament. Before it’s all done, she’s going to meet up with an old nemesis, and she may discover that she’s pregnant to boot. It really could be too much for one girl to take, so thank goodness she’s got a lot of familial support!”

image“Everyone who works on this book ends up being a part of our creative family,” Van Meter added. “It could almost be a party game: ‘Which Hopeless-Savage Are You?’ There’s a lot of Arsenal in Christine, who doesn’t really take any junk from anybody, and Ross is like our incorrigible Zero, endlessly creative and hard to contain. They both really get the whirlwind nature of this kind of story, and they make it look like a breeze to pull off.”

In addition to the story, Christine Norrie will be opening her sketchbook to give us a peek at some of the warm-up designs for the book. She will also collaborate with Van Meter on a new introduction.

“The collection of TOO MUCH HOPELESS SAVAGES is the end of a long journey,” Jarrell concluded, “but also the beginning of a new one. It took us a while to get here, as our patient fans know, but now that the cycle on series 3 is completed, it has opened the playground up to a whole new set of possibilities. Across the three books, Jen and her collaborators have shown that anything goes-that they can tell any kind of story they want as long as the family is at its center. It’s only going to get more fun from here.”


TOO MUCH HOPELESS SAVAGES is a 120-page trade paperback presented at 5.5″ X 8″. It features a new color cover by Christine Norrie and Guy Major and will be priced at $11.95, ISBN: 1-929998-85-6. Expect the book in stores on August 18, 2004. It will be designed to match the first 2 volumes of the series, HOPELESS SAVAGES and HOPELESS SAVAGES: GROUND ZERO, recently re-released with new covers to create a consistent look to the HOPELESS SAVAGES library.

Too Much Hopeless Savages T & © 2004 Jen Van Meter.

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