Yesterday marked the beginning of Pokemon Week here at The Escapist, along with day one of our Top 100 Pokemon countdown! Today we’re going to tackle numbers 71-85.

We decided not to limit our top 100 to just the most valuable in battle – although that was certainly a factor for some. Our list includes our favorites, and looks at factors such as strength, cuteness, coolness, icon status, and design – and today’s list includes a little from each category.


85. Espeon

On appearance alone, Espeon is stunning – arguably the loveliest Eeveelution in the game. It can also predict its enemy’s actions, paving the way for some delightful “Espeonage” puns. Oh – and Magic Bounce.


84. Mareep

Mareep finally answers the age old question: “do some Pokemon dream of electric sheep?” I’ve no doubt that Magnemites, Voltorbs, and Genesects have their dreams filled with fluffy, jumping Mareeps.


83. Celebi

If someone told me that Link and Tinkerbell had a baby, I would picture the green onion-looking Celebi. Celebi is freaking adorable, and it time travels. Sure, it has a ridiculous number of weaknesses, but that actually kind of makes it cuter, doesn’t it?


82. Voltorb

No one will ever accuse Voltorb of being a particularly innovative design – in fact, it’s arguably one of the laziest-looking Pokemon in the game. Despite this, it is insanely fast, and learns Self-Destruct and Explosion, which are more than acceptable when up against stronger opponents. It was also probably the Hide and Seek champion every year.


81. Mawile

Mawile is both sugar and spice – a super cute creature with a yellow body that resembles a skirt and flowers in its hair. However, its hair also happens to be huge jaws with pointed teeth. TEETH.


80. Mightyena

Poochyena was that little puppy type that thought it was a big, bad dog. And then it actually got bigger and badder. Mightyena is an intimidating hybrid of creatures, sewn together with a bite that is so much harder than its bark. It is super affectionate with those that it likes – if you get close enough to let it show that affection, of course.


79. Kyogre

Kyogre has is the only known Pokemon capable of learning Origin Pulse – a powerful move that hits both opponents in a Double Battle and opposing adjacent opponents in Triple Battles. Kyogre, aka Pokemon’s Shamu, is one of the most powerful creatures in the game.


78. Gardevoir

Gardevoir, a dual-type Psychic/Fairy species, is pretty much exactly what Jynx should have been. The designers wanted a cute girly humanoid character, and finally they got it right. Gardevoir also gained significant popularity, both as a result of its appearance and its worth in battle.

(Mostly its appearance)


77. Butterfree

Caterpie was unimpressive. Metapod was unimpressive. So with Butterfree, expectations were relatively low. However, what we got was an adorable, poisonous butterfly. Butterfree is a great Pokemon to start with – put your enemy to sleep, swap in a Pokemon with stronger attacks, and claim victory.


76. Regigigas

The Frankenstein of the Pokemon world, Regigigas becomes available when you’ve collected the legendary trio of Regirock, Regice, and Registeel. It’s a big guy (for you?), and for some reason that I can’t put into words, I think it’s a legitimately badass looking Pokemon.


75. Electrivire

Electivire is a great evolution of the already great Electabuzz, and looks a bit like a super-powered electric abominable snowman. One of its greatest strengths is its massive coverage – Electivire can hit most opponents for very effective damage.


74. Luxray

There’s a Staaaaarrrmaaaaaan waiting in the sky! Luxray looks great – literally. It has eyes that can see through anything in order to spot prey, no matter what they’re hiding behind. It also looks great in the other way.


73. Poliwhirl

Poliwhirl is not particularly cute, nor is it particularly valuable. It’s capable, but not overly useful. However, most people know who Poliwhirl is, and it has two legitimately cool evolutions.


72. Politoed

Speaking of Poliwhirl’s evolutions, meet Politoed. Politoed is absolutely freaking adorable. While Politoed may arguably be weaker than Poliwag’s other final form, Poliwrath, Politoed is also weak to fewer types. It’s also ridiculously happy, walking around clapping and smiling and trying to make people smile. How can you not love that?


71. Vanillite

Vanillite is so cute I could eat it up – it is, after all, a vanilla ice cream cone. It doesn’t go overboard with the whole ice cream thing, unlike creepy post-evolution Vanillish. Having a Vanillite around is also a smart decision for matters of survival – I mean, imagine you get stranded somewhere… with no food…

Check back tomorrow when we continue the countdown with numbers 70 to 56. If you missed 100-86, you can read it here.

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