Paste Magazine has just published its “Top Five Videogame Websites for the Thinking Gamer” list, and you’ll never guess who made the list. (Well, you might.)

The list covers a range of sites, beginning with, where Chris Kohler and the gang have built “a fantastic gaming blog,” to Magical Wasteland, a one-man act that eschews flash and Flash in favor of intelligent, thoughtful conversation. Penny Arcade also gets a nod, as much for the “relatability” of its creators as for its “honest and cogently written” material, while Crispy Gamer, a new kid on the block, earns props as “a cool swallow of purified water in the irradiated, bone-dry wasteland of the gaming press.”

“But wait!” you might be thinking. “That is only four!” Indeed it is, sharp-eyed reader, but be assured that there is a fifth – and you’re looking at it.

“If The Escapist only existed to publish the wonderfully witty, caustically cranky, irreverent, animated tirades of Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw’s Zero Punctuation game critiques, they’d still deserve a spot on this list,” the article says. “But there’s plenty more to enjoy on the site. A feature story on the homepage-at the time of this writing, anyway-ponders racial identity in the gaming context. How important is it to racial minorities to be accurately represented in the games they play?”

Kinda makes you feel all warm and tingly inside, doesn’t it?

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