Top Known Issues in Sept 26th Build

Top issues in the current Beta build Top issues are the following. We intend to fix all of these.

· If you have frequent client crashes, the probable cause is one of your graphic settings. Try quitting AC2, deleting the file “preferences.ini” in your AC2 folder, and restarting. Set various graphics options to lower settings, or turn off extra graphic features. Stay tuned to this Beta Community website for news of workarounds as we discover them.

· If you find that your screen completely freezes (except for mouse movement), one workaround that may help is to disable audio. To do this, see the “configuration” window which appears when you start AC2 (or which you can start up anytime by quitting AC2, then double-clicking “ac2config” in your AC2 folder). On that window, uncheck the option “Enable audio”. Playing in fullscreen mode may also help with this.

· Completing the Cleanse the Burial Mound or Slavetaker’s Head quests while in a fellowship causes problems. Break your fellowship before you finish the quest so you all may get the reward item.

· If your mouse pointer vanishes, use ALT-Enter to go into windowed mode, then click outside the AC2 window and back in the window again to get it back.

· When you first enter the world, those around you may not be able to see or hear you. After a few minutes you should appear, but to fix this quickly, run away for a minute in any direction, then turn around and come back.

· You can lose your connection to chat. This may have to do with certain routers or use of PPPoE connections through DSL.

· You must rename the file highdetail.dat to highres.dat for it to work.

· You still may get stuck in a “neverending portal”. If this happens, use Request Assictance. Open Options panel; Click Core tab; click Request Assistance. Choose the category “I’m stuck”. We will help you ASAP. This service is not available on the Green world, however.

· These dungeons may still have bad data and can get you stuck: The Hovel” dungeon (36.8N, 7.4W); “Vermin Nest” (42.7N, 17.6W).

· We found that some computers experience a form of framerate lag if they do not have “sync to refresh rate” turned on. If the framerate consistently has short pauses and stutters, turning “sync to refresh rate” on in the options panel will help. This only works in fullscreen.

· You may get the message that your battle “wasn’t a fair fight” even if it was-and vice versa. Please go to AC2 Beta Feedback forum to report bugs about this, being as specific as possible as to exactly what you are doing.

· Cragstone Glyphs are still showing up. These are useless except for scrapping to gold. There is no Cragstone Vault.

· The Vesayen Vault may not be completable since a key-holding monster is hiding in a pillar.

For General Beta issues please visit this page:

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