Crispy Gamer writer Steve Kent has compiled ten of the most trendsetting titles in gaming history, and while some of his choices are fairly obvious, others are more of a surprise.

It’s no great surprise that Kent’s list includes Super Mario Bros., Grand Theft Auto III, and Doom, games that regularly make any “Important Games” list. His selection of Dr. J. and Larry Bird Go One-on-One is more unexpected, however.

Electronic Arts built its sports licensing empire with Dr. J. and Larry Bird Go One-on-One in 1983. “I loved Dr. J and Larry Bird,” says David Kushner. “I think that what that game had and why it rang true, was that it was the first ‘aha’ moment in which I could play like these guys. I remember playing it and the idea was that the game characters behaved like their real-life counterparts. It gave gamers their first taste of the Madden universe that was to come.”

Kent named Myst to his list for its influence on multimedia computer products, most notably the CD-ROM, and gave a nod to Space Invaders for kicking off arcade fever.

The Atari 2600 edition of Pac-Man, however, was noted for its negative impact on the industry. “Most companies will survive a bad product, but having sold an inferior version of Pac-Man to 70 percent of its market, Atari was mortally wounded,” says Kent.

The sole MMOG on Kent’s list isn’t World of Warcraft, but rather NCSoft’s Lineage, which expanded gaming into international territories that were once considered marketing afterthoughts, specifically technology hotbed South Korea. Not until World of Warcraft was its 3 million subscriber base beaten.

Check out Kent’s complete list, then add your own nominees to the pile. What other games should Kent have included?

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