2C Gaming’s Total Party Kill Handbook will include 25 encounters and a “trap workshop” to help DMs challenge their players.

While many often assume that running the game is the hardest part of DMing, oftentimes it’s the prep beforehand that can pose the biggest challenge. Even if you’re just working with a pre-made campaign, running smooth and fun gaming sessions can often require a lot of homework. This gets even worse when you’re creating your own homebrew adventures. Even the smallest locations, encounters and NPCs can represent hours of work that can leave busy Dungeon Masters scrambling to be ready come game time.

That in mind, it can sometimes be nice to have something to turn to when you’re out of time and need to throw an interesting moment into your game. Knowing this, independent tabletop publisher 2C Gaming recently launched a Kickstarter to fund the publication of the Total Party Kill Handbook. Containing a collection of encounters for here.

Source: Kickstarter

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