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Scrounge up all 77 historical treasures in The Order: 1886 with our complete collectibles guide, helping knights of the round earn their stripes in a werewolf-infested alternate-history London.

Using weapons developed by Nikola Tesla and pumping a strange substance called Black Water through their blood, the unnaturally long-living members of The Order fight a war against anarchist rebels in a story-focused campaign. While mixing it up against armored soldiers and mutant lycans, the protagonist Galahad can explore certain environments for collectibles.

And there are a lot of collectibles to find. Check the complete text guide, explaining where and how to get every single one of these bonus trinkets. From story-expanding notes to random bric-a-brac, to audio logs and everything inbetween — we’ve got it all below.

Collectibles Locations Guide

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There are 77 total collectibles available in The Order: 1886. Any missing collectibles are available when replaying missions using the Chapter Select menu. While searching for collectibles, set the difficulty to Easy for a more casual experience.

In total, there are; 16 documents, 11 photographs, 14 items, 10 newspapers, 16 phonographs, and 10 objects.

Many objects, items, and other collectibles are automatically collected during normal progress through the story. These cannot be missed, and therefore won’t be included in the guide below.

To make sure all items are properly collected, make sure to examine all surfaces of items/objects and check both sides of papers.

Chapter 1: Always a Knight – Collectible Locations

  • Newspaper #1: Leaving the rooftop balcony, enter the door and pass the mirror in the attic. Down the stairs, you’ll get an objective to meet Igraine. Enter the open doorway ahead. There’s a small desk in the back left corner with the first newspaper.
  • Photograph #1: From the newspaper desk, go downstairs. Just as you reach the bottom of the steps, look on the crate covered by a white sheet. Near the vase with flowers, you’ll find the photograph.
  • Phonograph #1: Leave the current room and enter the hall. From the door, look against the right wall. There’s another crate with a tarp over it near the radiator. Look on the crate’s corner beside the two pieces of luggage.
  • Document #1: Later on in the chapter, you’ll need to climb down a fire escape ladder and drop down into an alley. A man runs ahead to a door built into a stone wall. To the left of him, in the corner, are two trash cans where the first document is found.
  • Object #1: Go down the alley opposite the trash cans and turn right into a small market. There’s a wooden barrel sitting adjacent a vegetable cart with an object collectible.

Chapter 2: Amongst Equals – Collectible Locations

  • Document #2: As Galahad enters Tesla’s Lab, look to the right at a table covered in scientific inventions. The second optional document is found here.
  • Object #2: There’s another table directly ahead of the lab entrance. It’s in the center of the lab before reaching Tesla. Check the work table with the blueprints spread out to get your second object.
  • Document #3: From the table with the object, turn left and look where multiple pieces of glassware are arranged for some unknown scientific study. The third document is found in the corner of this darker table.

Chapter 3: Inequalities – Collectible Locations

  • Newspaper #2: Getting off the carriage, you’ll be ordered to reach the hospital undetected. Instead of barreling forward, turn around and step around the cart. Head down the road your horses are looking toward until you reach a closed gate. Along one of the buildings, there’s a crate with the paper.
  • Object #3: Splitting up the team after a short cutscene, you’ll need to follow a comrade upstairs as he busts through a barred doorway. There’s a desk inside with an object. It’s hard to miss — just right of the exit door.
  • Document #4: Passing by three men standing over a fourth fallen men, enter an area marked “Shelter” with a wooden sign. Run to the far end of the chamber and look on the crate with a lit lantern.
  • Item #1: Eventually, you’ll reach a very narrow alley. While squeezing through, you’ll encounter a man attacking a woman. After taking care of him with a QTE sequence, approach the young lady and speak with her.
  • Newspaper #3: Starting from the conversation, continue down the alley. Past your waiting comrade there’s a barrel with a flat wooden board on top. The newspaper is there, in the corner of the stone wall.
  • Photograph #2: Inside the tavern where you hand in your gun, just look to the round table where a drunk is snoozing. The photograph is easily visible after the cutscene.
  • Object #4: Take the steps down inside the same den to find a roulette table. The object is on the distinct game.
  • Document #5: Still inside the tavern, step closer to the barman and the stairs leading up. There’s a simple round table made from a barrel with a document in this area.
  • Phonograph #2: Leaving the bar and searching for a way to the Hospital, you’ll reach a gap with a hanging net to the right of the entranceway. Jump and hang, then shimmy left instead of climbing up into the building. Keep going left until you find a hidden rooftop. Hop up, crack open the locked chest and grab your phonograph.
  • Phonograph #3: After leaping to the ledge required to collect the previous phonograph, return to the main path and clamber inside. Check the crates in the back right corner to get a second phonograph.
  • Document #6: While searching for a way to the rooftops, deal with the enemies in a courtyard with green growing from the walls on the right. There’s a blue cart along the right wall, use it to clamber up, up the stairs, and enter the open door to the left. Pass over the bridge to the second room inside. The document is located here.
  • Object #5: Heading back to meet with Igraine and Percival, you’ll make a long jump where your partner gets his foot stuck in the wood. Climb through the window and look on the shelf to the right. Sackboy makes an appearance in the past!
  • Document #7: While your comrades deal with the wounded, look on the cashier desk to the left to grab a document.
  • Newspaper #4: During the sequence with the Thermite Rifle, use the wall-mounted lantern to jump from one balcony to the next. Upon entering an interior, go through the first door on the left and look in the corner. There’s a desk with a newspaper inside.

Chapter 4: An Endless Battle – Collectible Locations

  • Item #2: At the start of the chapter, walk through the hospital lobby. There’s a mangled corpse Galahad can comment on straight ahead.
  • Document #8: In the same room, head to the back windows. Up the steps, look right to spot a small table with this document.
  • Item #3: Moving ahead, the team delves into the hospital basement. Passing by the examination room, you’ll take steps down into a hall of locked doors. The second door on the left is open, but don’t go in yet. Instead, check out the first door on the left.
  • Item #4: After getting a look inside the first door on the left, pass by the open passage and check in the third door on the left. There’s still someone inside!
  • Photograph #3: Down in the rebel hideout, walk over to the section of the room with two massive maps. There’s a desk to the left of one map with a photograph collectible.
  • Item #5: Very near the photograph, look at the end of the long table covered with documents. Galahad will sift through them, looking for anything important.
  • Document #9: On the opposite side of the room, there are more desks with radio equipment and type writers. Check the table surface to grab another document.
  • Item #6: From the document above, slide left and open the drawer to collect your sixth item.
  • Item #7: Toward the larger door down the hall, there’s an office on the left. You should see a skeleton as you enter. Head toward the interior of the reception window and check out the cabinets.
  • Item #8: Next, lock pick the door on the right-side of the hall. Once inside, search the hanging uniform jackets.
  • Phonograph #4: The phonograph is inside a locked chest to the left of the hanging jackets in the very same room as the item listed above.
  • Phonograph #5: Just as you enter the door requiring a lock picking mini-game, look at the end of the long table inside.
  • Item #9: Entering the locked room, turn left and search the cabinets in the corner to get the chapter’s final collectible.

Chapter 5: Agamemnon Rising – Collectible Locations

  • Object #6: While sneaking through the blimp’s balloon section, you’ll need to head downstairs and meet with your waiting ally. Instead of hitting the switch on the left, head down the right path. There’s a small cart down this dead end with an object.
  • Phonograph #6: Moving ahead, Galahad will need to reach the ballroom without getting caught. He’ll notice a guard with a flashlight, then shift his focus to an open door on the right. Don’t go forward just yet, head up the path on the left to grab this phonograph.
  • Newspaper #5: Sneaking through the steel catwalks, Galahad will reach a passage with guard barracks. Enter the bunk room with a round table and lantern to get a newspaper collectible.
  • Phonogram #7: On the way to the armory, your comrade opens the door ahead. Through the door there’s a desk with a typewriter and an easily visible phonogram.
  • Document #10: In the same office, crack open the breaker box and complete the mini-game. The document is in the back right corner of the armory.
  • Item #10: Leaving the armory office, enter the first door on the right and check the dead body.
  • Photograph #4: After getting separated by falling debris, there’s a photograph on a small wheeled cart. Just turn around from the debris, enter the door and look right.

Chapter 9: An Uneasy Alliance – Collectible Locations

  • Document #11: As you gain control of Galahad in the underground tunnel, walk over to Lakshmi. She’ll move ahead, but you’ll find the first collectible in the chapter on a work table.
  • Phonograph #8: Help Lakshmi push the cart down the tracks until the path is open. She’ll continue forward, but turn around and run down the opposite direction. There’s a treasure chest you can break into with an audio log at the dead end.
  • Object #7: Down the tracks, Galahad will eventually reach a section open to the sky. Follow the tracks past your partner, then run under the scaffolding to reach the left-back side. There’s another work bench table here with a hammer you can examine.
  • Photograph #5: In the foundry, there’s a large shutter door on the left. Adjacent to the door is a long work table next to an anvil. Look on it to spot a photograph.
  • Phonograph #9: Still in the foundry, you’ll reach steps leading down. At the bottom of the steps, there’s an exit door to your left. Before leaving, walk over to the shelves and take the phonograph. It’s straight ahead of the stairs.
  • Newspaper #6: Clearing the room with the indoor crane, move outside the foundry to find the gates blocked by carts full of materials. Before joining your comrade, swivel around the building’s corner and look on a surface covered in boxes on the left.
  • Photograph #6: Later, after a cutscene, you’ll regain control in a fancy building. Head upstairs and around the banister, then enter the single office on the right. Behind the desk with the typewriter is the photograph.
  • Object #8: Continuing on, go out to the balcony and back through the door held open by your partner. There’s another office you can enter straight ahead with indoor windows — look near those windows with a view out into the hallway for a desk where you’ll find a model ship.
  • Phonograph #10: Follow your allies downstairs, then hang a right around the corner to find a closed door. Pick the lock to get inside and take the audio on a desk directly ahead.
  • Document #12: Inside the brick warehouse where Galahad can collect a primary/secondary weapon on the table, search the back-left corner of the structure’s first floor. There’s a dangling light illuminating a document on the table.
  • Photograph #7: In the same area, head upstairs. There’s another desk at the top of the steps with a photograph.
  • Document #13: Deeper in the warehouse, you’ll need to search crates for company insignias. Before heading into the stacks, look along the exterior wall for a large red cylinder. There’s a crate next to this cylinder with a document sitting on top.
  • Object #9: From the red cylinder, run through the warehouse shelves to the opposite wall. Move a little left and check the desk beneath a cork board.

Chapter 11: Brothers in Arms – Collectible Locations

  • Newspaper #7: Entering a building early in the chapter, look in the left corner of the room at the start.
  • Photograph #8: Move on to the chamber with the fireplace and piano. There’s a small desk ahead of the door with a photograph.
  • Phonograph #11: Following Lucan across the rooftops, he’ll reach a wall-mounted light and swing over a gap. Follow the stairs down, around the right corner, and look behind the next set of steps. There’s a locked treasure chest back in this alcove with a phonograph inside.
  • Newspaper #8: During the mission to unlock the gate in the garden, take the stairs down and look right to find the objective marker. Before unlocking the gate, turn left instead and enter the small office. There’s a desk here with your newspaper.
  • Photograph #9: Jumping over the wall with help from your comrade, you’ll see the target enter a door. Pick the lock and look on the desk directly right.
  • Object #10: Sneaking through the gardens to infiltrate the company building, you’ll find a patrolling guard ahead. Take him down, then follow the path right to a door down a small set of stairs. The object is inside this small storage room.
  • Phonograph #12: Inside the United India building, take care of the guards in the lavish setting. Clear the area, then follow your comrade as she pushes open the double doors downstairs. There’s a cabinet straight ahead with the phonograph.
  • Document #14: In the same room as the phonograph, short out the electricity box and enter the door to find a document in this small armory room with extra weapons and ammo.
  • Phonograph #13: Follow the spiral staircase up into a fancy dining room with a fireplace to the left. Look at the back of the table to grab another phonograph cylinder.
  • Newspaper #9: Inside a piano parlor, your team is waiting near a set of double doors flanked by statues. Before meeting with them, check the opposite wall for this newspaper.
  • Document #15: The archives hold the rest of the collectibles in this chapter. You’re on a time limit, so return using Chapter Select to get the rest. The first collectible is to the left of the entrance on a desk.
  • Item #11: Staying on the left path, you’ll reach the book shelves. There’s a cabinet Galahad can search that’s visible as you follow the left-hand path in the archives.
  • Phonograph #14: Continuing down the left path, look on the back-side of the third book shelf. There’s a drawer here you can open with a hidden phonograph inside.
  • Item #12: Keep moving forward through the left path. There’s a desk along the wall, past the book shelves, with a pile of papers Galahad will sift through.
  • Photograph #10: The photograph is against the back wall of the archives, directly opposite from the entrance doors.
  • Item #13: Switching over to the right side of the archives, look on the second bookshelf for a drawer you can interact with.
  • Phonograph #15: On the first bookshelf visible following the right wall of the archives you’ll come across a cabinet containing a phonograph.
  • Item #14: Directly right of the archives entrance is another table with papers. Interact to unlock the final collectible in this chapter.

Chapter 15 – Collectible Locations

  • Newspaper #10: At the start of the chapter, follow the tunnel into the first room. Look in the left corner of this area to grab the paper.
  • Document #16: Following the previous collectible, head down the main path and enter the closed metal door on your left. As you step through, turn left and look on the crate.
  • Phonograph #16: Continuing deeper through the tunnels, you’ll encounter enemies is a large room full of cover. Once the first combat situation is resolved, enter the door along the left wall, and keep moving left as the tunnel forks. There’s a dead end with the last treasure chest. Break it open and grab the phonograph.
  • Photograph #11: Following the main path and fighting more enemies, you’ll enter a chamber with a door barricaded while bombs explode above, rattling the tunnel roof. Before breaking through the barricade, look down the path to that door’s right. There’s a crate with the final collectible.

Trophies Unlocked

  • Inspector First Class (Gold):
    Find all inspect items
  • Archivist (Silver):
    Collect all phonograph cylinders
  • Well-read (Silver):
    Inspect all newspapers
  • Detail Oriented (Silver):
    Inspect all photographs and documents
  • Power of Observation (Silver):
    Inspect all objects

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