Trailer for Dropsy is Adorable Nightmare Fuel


Can’t sleep, clown will hug me.

It’s all too common to be creeped out by a clown, but rarely do you see them be both unsettling and charming at the same time. That’s what this trailer for Dropsy, an adventure game bound for PC, iOS, and Android, appears to be.

In the game, Dropsy is a once beloved clown with a gift for communicating with animals and a life in ruins. His family’s circus has burned to the ground, his father is ill, and his reputation is destroyed. The solution to these problems will involve hugging total strangers and performing other acts of kindness.

The game’s website describes Dropsy as a “non-traditional take on the classic point and click adventure formula,” featuring an open world in which players explore, discover puzzles, and piece together the story as they choose rather than be forced down a single, linear narrative path. The game also advertises itself as a text-free experience, using visual icons instead of traditional dialog trees. So, if you don’t like reading, Dropsy might be your thing.

Dropsy was developed by game designer and artist Jay Tholen, who ran a Kickstarter campaign to fund production in 2013, and A Jolly Corpse. Devolver Digital will be publishing the game, which is set to release on September 10.

Sources: Official Website, Kickstarter

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