Square Enix’s upcoming Nintendo DS Kingdom Hearts title will feature genres of gameplay not seen before in the series.

Kingdom Hearts: Re:coded is a Nintendo DS remake/port of Kingdom Hearts: coded, an episodic game released in Japan on cellphones. Re:coded‘s E3 2010 trailer may have whet our appetite for the game, but the latest video should make stomachs grumble even more.

Re:coded apparently includes gameplay modes not typically found in the Kingdom Hearts series, which normally plays out as a third-person action-RPG. While Sora will still be whacking enemies in plenty of Keyblade action, he’ll also be engaging in turn-based combat, side-scrolling action, top-down hedge maze sneaking, and a third-person Space Harrier-style shooter.

The game is said to take place in a virtual world, so these new forms of play seem to fit into its style. Cloud is even shown in the turn-based portion for anyone that’s been dying for the type of action the Final Fantasy VII star was first known for. Though we don’t know how deep these gameplay portions are, this trailer at least makes Re:coded worth a closer look for those that thought it’d be a simple port. It’ll be out on October 7 in Japan, and though it is planned for release in other regions the dates haven’t been revealed yet.

Via: Siliconera

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