Transform Into a Bone-Chilling Kin Creature in Bloodborne: The Old Hunters

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Do what the Old Hunters only dare dream of and become an abomination with our Bloodborne tutorial. You can temporarily transform your character into a twisted Kin — if you’ve got the right weapons and runes.

Spoiler Warning: If you haven’t played far into Bloodborne or The Old Hunters and want to avoid late-game spoilers, turn back now.

The lore text alludes to the Kin often, but even if you’ve completed the main game, many questions still linger. Whatever their true origin, the first and last expansion to Bloodborne includes the means to merge your body, replacing hands and head with strange new appendages. Get the weirdest primary weapon in Bloodborne with our instructions.

Can’t reach the Hunter’s Nightmare? Get some help with our tips, showing you how to access The Old Hunters DLC.

How to Transform Into A Kin

To become a Kin, you’ll need to acquire two items; the Kos Parasite Trick Weapon, and the Milkweed rune.

The Kos Parasite has a high Lvl. 20 Arcane requirement before it can be equipped. Even while equipped, it is useless until the Milkweed Rune is also equipped.

How to Acquire the Kos Parasite Trick Weapon

Defeat the Orphan of Kos to complete the main portion of The Old Hunters DLC. The boss drops

The Orphan of Kos is located in the Fishing Hamlet. This area is reached by following the main path;

How to Fight Orphan of Kos

  • 1. Enter the Nightmare Grand Cathedral to acquire the Eye Pendant.
  • 2. Find Ludwig on the far end of the blood river and defeat him. Enter the structure above and use the Eye Pendant on the statue with the patient.
  • 3. Climb to the top of the Research Hall and turn the lever. Once the stairs are moved, you can reach the door to the Living Failures boss. Defeat them, then enter the Astral Clocktower.
  • 4. Defeat Lady Maria, then use the Celestial Dial she drops on the inner clockface. This opens a path to the Fishing Village.
  • 5. Fight through the hamlet to reach the lighthouse lamp. Next, enter the large cave and find a ladder down near a green light. Work through the watery caves to reach the coast where the Orphan of Kos awaits.

The Orphan of Kos is one of the most difficult bosses in a Souls game, so go prepared and work for victory. Once it is defeated, you’ll find the Kos Parasite trick weapon.

But it’s still useless. To get this weapon working, you’ll need a secret Caryll Rune.

How to Acquire the Milkweed Covenant Caryll Rune

To get this item, you’ll need to complete Saint Adeline’s sidequest in the Research Hall.

She’s located through the first-floor shortcut door. Part of the way up the area, you’ll find an elevator leading down. Take the second elevator to reach her room.

Saint Adeline is a tied-up patient with a bulbous head. She’ll request a special item; Brain Fluid.

To appease her, you’ll need to bring three Brain Fluids. Leave the area and return after giving each one and she’ll ask for another.

Adeline Quest Guide: Brain Fluid Locations

  • 1. The first Brain Fluid is located on the central staircase. After pushing the lever and moving the stairs, you’ll be able to reach the mid-point. A Hunter is standing guard near a bloated severed head. Kill the head to collect the Brain fluid.
  • 2. In the high rafters where you’ll need to push the stair movement lever, look in one of the corners for another severed head. Kill it to get the second Brain Fluid.
  • 3. The last Brain Fluid is right in front of you. She is a severed head after the first two. Kill her and collect the Brain Fluid. After she revives, give it to her to complete the quest.

This gruesome work rewards your Hunter with the valuable Milkweed Rune. This is a Covenant Rune, and transforms your character into a mutated Kin creature once it is equipped.

To fully take advantage of this new form, use the Kos Parasite Trick Weapon. It should now have a full moveset.

Terrorize Yharnam with your new form and let us know how it works for you in the comments!

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