Trauma Team Makes Bone Surgery Look Fun


The latest Trauma Team trailer covers the game’s orthopedic surgery section, showing that the game could be more than just another Trauma Center.

When Trauma Center first came out on the Nintendo DS it was an original game that made surgery into an enjoyable experience (when players weren’t sweating during the game’s harder levels). After several successors on both the Nintendo DS and the Wii, Atlus’ latest in the series is the Wii’s Trauma Team, which will focus on six different medical professions. Surgery has already been shown off, as has endoscopy which to me looked fairly similar to surgery.

However, I was hoping that Trauma Team would add to what has already been established by Trauma Center, and with the orthopedics trailer this appears as if it could be the case. Rather than relying on time limits, orthopedics requires steady motions and few mistakes. Players will have to use drills, hammer in pins, and cut synthetic bone. Closing cuts requires staples, not sutures. Now we’re finally seeing what kinds of mechanics are going to be implemented in Trauma Team that are different from what have been experienced before.

Three more disciplines have yet to be shown, and they could be the most interesting: forensics, first response, and diagnosis. Forensics could be a pretty awesome game all by itself, while I really want to see if I can stick pins in people’s eyes during diagnosis (it’s a thing I have from playing this).

I am of course also looking forward to the overly dramatic storyline that will no doubt be used in Trauma Team, as each character has his/her own back-story, such as the orthopedic surgeon that was honorably discharged from the army and moved on to make a difference in his own way by fixing people’s bones. I hate to be hyped up on a videogame months before its release, but if the creativity is kept up in the rest of Trauma Team it could be one of the Nintendo Wii’s top games, especially because it’s made specifically for a motion controller.

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