Alpha testers are wanted for Tribes Universe, the revival of the classic Tribes franchise as a persistent online shooter that was announced earlier this week.

Hi-Rez Studios revealed on Sunday that it had acquired the rights to the Tribes property and is bringing it back to life as an MMO shooter that will include three Tribes, a fully-persistent, non-instanced world with territorial control, ground and air vehicles, and even skiing, a must-have for any real Tribes game. And even though things are still in the very early stages, Hi-Rez is inviting dedicated fans to sign up for the alpha test.

“We are very proud and humbled to be carrying the banner of the Tribes franchise,” said Tribes Universe Executive Producer Stewart Chisam. “Because the game will be focused around huge battles on huge landscapes, we need a solid group of very dedicated testers that can help us from the games’ earliest stages to validate the scalability and performance of the game, while also helping tune and refine gameplay.”

The alpha testing period is expected to begin in early 2011 and Chisam promised that “much more information” about the game would be released over the coming months. If you’re a Tribes fan and have some free time to donate to the cause, you can put your name in the hat at

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