Tricia Helfer, better known as the freaky-sexy Cylon model Six in Battlestar Galactica, has announced that she will be providing the voice of the Black Cat in the upcoming Activision release Spider-Man: Web of Shadows.

Helfer said she’s already familiar with the Black Cat and has voiced the character previously for The Spectacular Spider-Man animated series. “Black Cat is, I think, a great role to play,” Helfer said in the trailer announcing her role. “She’s sexy, she’s seductive, but she’s also incredibly intelligent.” This isn’t the first time the actress has put her considerable talents and cleavage to work for the videogame industry: She also portrayed Nod General Kilian Qatar in the Command & Conquer 3 games.

Black Cat is expected to have a fairly prominent role in the game, but numerous other Spider-Man regulars will also be making appearances, including The Kingpin, Mary Jane Watson, Vulture, Venom and many others. True to the comics, Black Cat’s relationship with Spider-Man appears to be complicated; the trailer shows her both sucking face with the web-head and beating the crap out of him. You can check it out for yourself – and get an always-welcome eyeful of Tricia Helfer playing nice with the nerds while you’re at it – on YouTube.

Source: Ars Technica

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