Will you find your way down the Road Not Taken?

Triple Town developer Spry Fox has a new puzzle game in store for you: Road Not Taken, which Spry Fox describes as “an evergreen roguelike.” Two roads diverge in a wood, as the poem goes, and the question is, which one will you choose? There’s not much known about this Robert Frost inspired game of life and loss, at least not yet, but have a look at the trailer and ask yourself what you’d do, if presented with this canvas to work on.

“When you grow up, you are often told that there is a singular path through life,” Spry Fox postulates. “You go to school, you get a job, you fall in love and then you start a family. What happens when someone wanders far off that path?” Road Not Taken is an attempt to explore at least one answer to that question. Every single thing on the screen has its own meaning, and repeated playthroughs will start to show the player the larger theme of the narrative.

No word yet on exactly when this one will escape Spry Fox’s development vaults. Coming Soon is the most it’s prepared to say at this stage. No confirmation on platform either though, given Spry Fox’s pedigree, this will almost certainly be a tablet and iOS title.

Source: Spry Fox

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