Tron 3 May Feature an Old Villain


New details on the rumored Tron 3 teaser trailer reveal a new character and an old villain.

The rumors that have been flying for the past few weeks about the supposed teaser trailer for Tron 3 have gotten even juicer, as they now include not just the existence of such a trailer, but the contents of it as well.

Apparently, the trailer will be split into three scenes. In one, Alan Bradley (Bruce Boxleitner) confronts Ram (Dan Shor, reprising his role from Tron) about being the head of the “FLYNN LIVES” movement, as Ram hurriedly destroys evidence of his operation. Ram also asks Alan, “Why did Kevin give you the cool name?”

I know what you’re thinking: Who the hell is Ram and what is “FLYNN LIVES”? For those of you who may not remember the original Tron movie, Ram was an insurance program who died escaping a lightcycle game. As programs on the Grid take on the appearance of their programmer, this new Ram must be the human programmer who made the original Ram. As for “FLYNN LIVES“? It’s a website that was set up to gain viral support for Tron: Legacy, hinging around the idea of a campaign to prove that Kevin Flynn was still alive.

Another scene shows Quora (Olivia Wilde), the ISO from Tron: Legacy, being accosted by the press while riding Sam’s (Garrett Hedlund) Ducati motorcycle and telling the gathered reporters that she had just spoken to Kevin Flynn the day before.

A final scene shows perhaps the most important information of all: Edward Dillinger (David Warner), the evil programmer who stole Flynn’s work from the original movie, and his son Ed (Cillian Murphy) saying that everything is going as planned.

Along with the leaked information about the trailer, several pictures were taken of the set where the trailer was filmed, most of which have been taken down at the request of the photographer. One of the remaining images is shown above.

It is not yet known when Tron: Legacy will be released on DVD, but the teaser trailer will supposedly be available as a bonus feature.

Source: Ain’t it Cool News via Entertainment Geekly

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