Tron 3 script development Mitchell Leib Disney Music executive Tron: Ares, formerly just known as Tron 3 or the third movie, will still star Jared Leto and might have Joachim Rønning as the director.

Tron fans, your time has once again come to be harshly disappointed. After years of Disney hemming and hawing over the sequel to Tron: Legacy, the studio is finally moving forward with a third film in the franchise, titled Tron: Ares. The bad news? Tron: Ares is going to star Jared Leto, and Joachim Rønning is in early talks for the director role.

We all know that Leto is terrible and basically drags down any movie he’s in, although he keeps being cast in things. Rønning isn’t quite as terrible, but the director has basically been a jobber for Disney for years now, helming movies like Maleficent: Mistress of Evil and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tale. They aren’t awful but aren’t exactly stellar examples of the medium by any stretch of the imagination. It’s obvious to see why Disney chose him, as he produces content that’s easily digestible and not too challenging; it’s a perfect blend for a franchise Disney has been struggling to get moving since Tron: Legacy landed in 2010. However, it makes the movie sound a lot more milquetoast than it should be.

Tron: Ares has actually had Jared Leto attached to it for quite some time now, as the film almost got off the ground with him back in 2017. Disney dropped the ball on that, however, coming back around to it in 2020 with director Garth Davis attached and claiming the film would not be a sequel anymore. Now, however, Deadline is reporting that the film is acting as a sequel, though no plot details are known and it isn’t known if Jeff Bridges, Garrett Hedlund, and Olivia Wilde will return either. Jesse Wigutow is currently writing the script, which will hopefully lead to an actual movie getting made, even if it isn’t quite with a director anyone is excited about or a star anyone wants to see.

The movie could start filming as early as August in Vancouver.

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