Ever wanted Skyrim to look more like Far Cry? An incredibly detailed fan modification does just that, swapping out Skyrim‘s frozen landscape for a tropical paradise.

Skyrim had a distinctly mountainous theme to it. A large amount of locations in the game featured snowy mountains, frozen tundras and some generally cold and bleak landscapes and dungeons. Tropical Skyrim is an incredibly detailed fan modification that transforms the lands of Skyrim into a beautiful tropical paradise.

For instance, the Falkreath Hold region has been transformed into a big rainforest, the vast tundras have become deserts, and all the other holds been given a tropical makeover, with tropical plants, new rock textures, more bloom and brighter lighting. It’s a much brighter and happier place than vanilla Skyrim. It’s a huge overhaul of pretty much every outdoor feature in the game.

Checking out the video above shows that the mod also includes a huge collection of new tropical-themed sound effects, as well as some new models (you can see a parrot fly past at one point). It really makes you proud of the dedication and ingenuity of the PC modding community. Skyrim was released almost a year and a half ago, but modders are keeping it alive by providing a steady stream of new content, tweaks, and updates, and are sure to do so for years to come (as evidenced by the fact that people still make Oblivion mods).

You can download the mod from the Skyirm Nexus. A recent patch for Skyrim fixed a large number of bugs, and effectively removed the level cap.

Source: Skyrim Nexus

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