You can try Ragnaros out on Heroes of the Storm‘s PTR right now.

One of the coolest things Blizzard revealed at BlizzCon this year was Ragnaros for Heroes of The Storm. He looked to be one of the most unique heroes in the game, with his ability to take over friendly and enemy forts and become a “raid boss”. Now, you can get your hands on him in the game’s public test realm, as well as have a look at his in-depth hero spotlight to the right.

Also included in the latest PTR iteration is a rework of everyone’s favorite map: the Haunted Mines. It’s received the following changes:

  • Grave Golems now spawn in fixed positions in each lane, and switch lanes each time they are summoned.
  • The layout of the Underground Mines has been reworked, and the Neutral Grave Golem can now be found at its center.
  • The upper level’s center area has been reworked.
  • Additional Mine Entrances have been placed to the East and West of the Battleground’s center area, for a total of 4.
  • A Mercenary Camp has been placed near each Mine Entrance, featuring Siege Giants at the East and West Entrances, and Sappers in the North and South.

Check out some images of both Ragnaros and the Haunted Mines update below:

We don’t know when all these goodies will hit the live servers but stuff is usually on the PTR for a week or so before going live.

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