Turbine has announced a month-long celebration to mark the one-year anniversary of The Lord of the Rings Online, featuring a content update, two new pricing plans and a series of in-game events.

During the celebration, monsters throughout the game will drop rare items when defeated, which can be collected and exchanged for one of a variety of special in-game items that will aid the players in their quests. Former Lord of the Rings Online players are being welcomed back with five days of free play beginning May 8, allowing them to experience the new content that has seen the gameworld grow by 30 percent since launch. Players will also have the opportunity to take advantage of Anniversary Pricing, giving them the chance to become a lifetime subscriber for a one-time fee of $199, or choose any multi-month plan of 90 days or more for only $9.99 per month as long as they keep the new plan.

The biggest part of the anniversary celebration will be the launch of Book 13: Doom of the Last-king, the fifth free content update for Lord of the Rings Online. The latest update will add the new game region of Forochel, a frostbitten land in the far, frozen north of Eriador. Players will be able to gain favor with the region’s inhabitants, the tribes of the Lossoth, and take part in the game’s new Hobby system, which will begin with the introduction of fishing to the game. Over 100 new quests will be available to players as they venture into the frigid north to continue the Laerdan’s search for the remnants of the ring Narchuil.

“It’s been an incredible year for LOTRO and Turbine,” said Turbine President and CEO Jim Crowley. “Winning the 2007 PC Game of the Year, being named 2007 MMO of the Year and the overwhelmingly positive response to the game from fans around the world has been a real validation of our vision. Our anniversary celebration is a chance for us to take time to gather with our past and present players to enjoy everything that is special about Middle-Earth and thank them for their wonderful support with some special in-game events and subscription options.”

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