Turn Zombies Into Skeletons With This Black Ops 3: Der Eisendrache Easter Egg

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If you prefer your undead hordes with a little less flesh on their bones, than this Black Ops 3 Easter egg is for you. Complete a few steps and zombies become skeletons in the Der Eisendrache map. We’ll show you how it’s done.

Call of Duty shambles on with each downloadable iteration of the Zombies formula, and the developers at Treyarch continue to stump fans with increasingly complex Easter egg puzzles. To throw ardent streamers off the trail, you’ll find multiple extra bonus bits of strange that don’t lead down the trail to any of those elusive ending cinematics. This odd unlock changes the look of every zombie, and that’s all it does. Unless there’s more to it than we’ve figured out yet — which isn’t just entirely possible, but also extremely likely.

Explore even more of Der Eisendrache with our Call of Duty: Zombies guides; see how to see how to access the Pack-a-Punch, or uncover secret Teddy Bears and uncover the “Dead Drop” Easter Egg song.

Der Eisendrache – Skeleton Zombies Easter Egg

To transform the shambling, rotted dead into cleaner shiny skeletons, you’ll need to find three hidden skull and the special bow weapon. Let’s start at the top.

Step 1: Feed the Dragons

To earn the burning bow weapon, you’ll need to feed zombies to three dragon-head statues found across the map.

  • Statue #1: Follow the Power signs from the courtyard through the balconies to reach a large two-story room filled with communications equipment. There’s a massive stone fireplace with the statue mounted right above that.
  • Statue #2: On the lower level of the castle courtyard, look for the door that leads down into the Undercroft. The second dragon is located here.
  • Statue #3: The find dragon is in the Undercroft itself, just outside the ceremonial chamber with the tiny period structure at the center.

Once you find a dragon-head statue, lead zombies underneath it to charge the statue up. A fully charged statue crumbles once it is done fighting the endless armies of the undead. It takes about 12 zombies to completely charge the creature.

Step 2: Collect the Bow

In the Undercroft, once all three dragon heads have crumbled, take the side-path up to a small crypt with a tomb at the far end. Behind the sarcophagus, there is a small alcove that should now contain the unique Bow weapon.

The Bow fires explosive arrows, and it can be upgraded multiple times. This weapon is very important if you want to complete the central Easter egg, but let’s cover how to unlock skeletons first.

Step 3: Shoot the Skulls

Like with the statues (or Teddy Bears) you’ll need to find three unique items and interact in some way. In this instance, you’ll need to find three hidden skulls.

Shoot the skulls with the fire bow you collected earlier — fire plenty of times just to be safe. It’s hard to tell when / if you landed a shot.

  • Skull #1: Take the path down through the Trophy Room sign and into the area with Mule Kick. To the right of the vendor, shoot the lower corner of the destroyed wall.
  • Skull #2: Go to the church exterior and shoot the center stain-glass window above the courtyard entrance.
  • Skull #3: The last skull is in the ruined stone walls to the right of Double Tap. Leave the room and look in from the outside and spam fire arrows where the black rocks meets the castle stonework.

If you hit a skull, a ghoulish ghost sound will place. Enter the church and look on one of the chairs at the equipment facing the fireplace. A skull will appear on this chair for each of the locations you shoot.

Step 4: Fight Skeletons

And swarms of Skeletons replace the usual stinking corpses. These skeletons come with glowing yellow eyes, clean bones, and just as much ferocity as their meatier counter-parts.

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