Twilight: Eclipse Turns Into 8-Bit Game

Someone on the internet has (mis?)used YouTube’s annotation-link feature to turn Twilight: Eclipse into a NES-era RPG.

A while back, YouTube added a surprisingly awesome new feature to its videos, where filmmakers were able to add optional pop-up captions that could function as links. If you were, say, commenting on a relevant political story, you could always throw in links to CNN (or your news site of choice) for viewers to inform themselves.

Or you could use the same function to effectively make a Twilight: Eclipse Choose-Your-Own-Adventure. That works too, I guess.

The above video is the collaboration of several individuals, including the guy who did 8-Bit Dr. Horrible – and mashes up something we nerds absolutely hate (Twilight) with something we love (retro-style graphics and presentation). It’s your classic avoidance/approach scenario, man!

In all seriousness, there’s something about being able to take the trainwreck that is Twilight and at least slightly influence how the story turns out to make it not quite as bad (Team Jacob, man, Jacob!). Unfortunately, there didn’t seem to be a “Jacob makes a call down to Sunnydale to get the Slayer up to take care of things” option. Ah well, maybe next time.


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