You can play as the “beautiful princess” that appeared at the end of Twilight Princess.

Update: New screenshots from the DLC have been released, which reveal Link’s surprising costume – the always-running Postman!

Zelda also has a new costume and a new weapon. Her costume makes her look like Ilia, childhood friend to the hero in Twilight Princess. Zelda’s new weapon is the Dominion Rod, which allows her to control statues to attack for her.

Other in-game screenshots show Ganon wielding 8-bit weapons that resemble keys, True Form Midna riding a giant wolf, and a smaller Adventure Map with new items. Check them out for yourself below.

Additionally, the update on November 27 will raise character level caps, raise the max amount of materials you can have, add new potions, add new medals, and add support for amiibo figures.

Link’s amiibo will unlock a new weapon, the spinner, and Zelda’s amiibo can be used once a day to get a 3-star or higher weapon.

Source: Nintendo Everything, NeoGAF

Original Story: In a Miiverse post, Zelda director Eiji Aonuma announced the newest playable character to be released as DLC for Hyrule Warriors: Twili (or True Form) Midna. The Twilight Princess-themed DLC is set for worldwide release on November 27.

Midna appeared very briefly in her Twili form at the end of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, before returning to the Twilight realm. Aonuma remarked in his Miiverse post that he thought “it was such a waste to let a beautiful princess like her only appear in the ending. Now Koei Tecmo games has made my wish to see more of her come true.”

Though we haven’t seen a whole lot of what Twili form Midna will look like in Hyrule Warriors, we do know that she will wield the Mirror of Twilight in combat. “This mirror was destroyed at the end of [Twilight Princess], but it’s pretty amazing in Hyrule Warriors.” Aonuma says.

From the screenshot in the Miiverse post, it looks like Midna uses the mirror to reflect lasers of some kind back at her enemies to inflict damage. Hyrule Warriors veterans will notice that the enemies hit by the mirror are affected by light element damage.

The DLC pack will also contain new weapons, costumes and a brand new adventure map, much like the Master Quest pack released in October. One of Link’s costumes, Aonuma teased, will look like “a certain familiar character from the Zelda series,” and apparently “may make you say ‘Wow!'”

I’m quite excited to see more of, and play as Twili Midna. I’m even looking forward Link’s shocking costume – I have no idea what kind of costume would get that kind of reaction from me (besides Link’s bright green tuxedo from Japanese New 3DS commercials). What are your thoughts and predictions?

Source: Miiverse

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