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Twisted Metal Trailer Brings First Look at Sweet Tooth and Anthony Mackie

The Twisted Metal teaser trailer reveals tongue-in-cheek Anthony Mackie driving his car filled with guns, plus killer clown Sweet Tooth.

Twisted Metal might not be the first franchise you think of when you think of games that would make good TV shows, but it’s what we’re getting. The first teaser trailer for the Twisted Metal Peacock series has landed, and it’s got a lot of nothing aside from a brief shot of Sweet Tweeth in Las Vegas and the series star, Anthony Mackie, dancing to “Steal My Sunshine” in his beat-up car. Then again, do we really want anything but that from a Twisted Metal adaptation?

We’ll probably get more details when an actual trailer lands, but at least we do have a feel for the tone of the series from this teaser. Clearly, Michael Jonathan Smith, the series writer and showrunner, is going for a tongue-in-cheek slant, which puts it in line with the video game itself. We could even see some actual third wall-breaking as the show’s concept was developed by the guys behind Deadpool. Hell, even Mackie’s introduction in the teaser feels like a character selection screen from the game series, which featured over-the-top characters driving weapon-laden cars into battle with each other. Twisted Metal is described as an action comedy, and both those things are present in this teaser trailer, from the music cue to the overhead shot of an apocalyptic world full of gunshots. All in all, it looks like some campy, budget fun.

The show isn’t quite adapting the game’s car battles in a straightforward manner. Instead, the series will follow John Doe (Mackie) as he drives across a post-apocolyptic wasteland to deliver a strange package. Along the way, however, other people with guns on their vehicles are going to get in the way, including Stephanie Beatriz as Quiet, Thomas Haden Church as Agent Stone, Richard Cabral as Loud, and wrestler Samoa Joe as Sweet Tooth with Will Arnett providing his voice. There will be others popping up as well as Neve Campbell, Mike Mitchell, Tahj Vaughans, Chloe Fineman, and Lou Beatty Jr. are set to guest star.

The 10-episode season of Sweet Tooth will drop on Peacock on July 27.

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