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Twitch users will finally be able to change their usernames.

We all went through that embarrassing phase where we thought something like xXxVegeta69xXx would be an awesome Twitch handle. Unfortunately, once the phase passed you were stuck with your dorky Twitch username, as there was no way to change it. Not anymore! Twitch has announced that starting right now, one of its most-requested features: name changes, are here!

Users can now change their usernames once every 60 days – provided of course that the new username isn’t already in use. The option is found in the Profile Settings page of one’s Twitch account. An option to change the username is highlighted beside the existing one.

“Once you’ve changed your name, the abandoned username will be held by Twitch for a minimum of six months. After which, we may decide to return it to the pool of available usernames for the community and new users. We will not recycle partner usernames, except in special circumstances,” said Twitch in a blog post.

It should also be noted that the URL for your channel will change if you change your name, so be mindful of that.

Source: Twitch

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