Twitter Comes to World of Warcraft


Your dreams of being able to see what Ashton Kutcher is doing minute-by-minute while raiding Ulduar at the same time have finally come true thanks to TweetCraft, a Twitter client for World of Warcraft.

Two of the most ubiquitous, compulsively addictive and loved/hated forces in modern internet-life have finally come together with the advent of TweetCraft, an add-on for World of Warcraft that makes letting everyone you know and even more people you don’t know exactly how you’re wasting your life right now easier than ever before.

Decked out to look like any other window in the WoW interface, TweetCraft lets you read and update your Twitter profile without alt-tabbing out of WoW. It does neat things like letting you upload in-game screenshots straight to Twitter via popular service TwitPic, sends out automatic updates when you get an Achievement or enter an instance, and more. You can tweak TweetCraft so it only sends updates when it’s convenient for you, which might help some of your non-WoW enthusiast Twitter followers from de-following you after the 300th “I’m in Ulduar now” update.

The add-on was created by a staff of four, including two Microsoft employees, so you know this isn’t some amateur stuff. The TweetCraft trailer certainly isn’t – it’s a bit more dramatic and polished than you’d expect for something as trivial as Twitter in World of Warcraft.

Oh okay, sorry if I stepped on any toes here, I know this kind of stuff is far from trivial for some of you guys. Because sometimes spamming guild chat with Achievement Unlocked notifications isn’t enough. Sometimes you need to tell the entire world.

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