Two Faces of DS Fantasy Shipping this Week


Two very different DS fantasy games are shipping this week.

Disney’s Enchanted is being pitched to “girls of all ages,” while EA’s Orcs & Elves is being pitched to a more traditional sword and sorcery crowd.

Enchanted is a tie-in with Disney’s upcoming holiday movie in which an animated princess finds herself in modern-day New York City. The game invites players to play the roles of Giselle, Prince Edward and Pip as they explore the city and their own fantasy world of Andalasia. Each character has unique magical abilities they can use to defeat the evil queen, Narissa. The gameplay spans a variety of styles, from music puzzles to sword combat, collection quests to mini-games. Players may also create dresses for Giselle and trade them with their friends.

For more information, visit the Enchanted website.

Orcs & Elves was developed for EA by Fountainhead Entertainment. It is an enhanced, fully 3-D dungeon crawling RPG DS port of the the mobile game designed by id Software’s John Carmack. Set in a fantasy universe created by Carmack as a young dungeon master, the game offers 12 levels of adventure in a Dwarven mountain citadel. Ancient treasure, powerful weapons and waves of ruthless enemies await any who would dare to take stylus in hand.

More information about the game and the world in which it is set can be found on the Orcs & Elves website.

One platform. One genre. Two very different games.

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