Ubi Exec Says European PS3 Delay Gives Microsoft Advantage


Speaking in an exclusive interview with, Ubisoft’s Alain Corre claims that the delay that will keep the Playstation 3 out of Europe until 2007 works strongly in Microsoft’s favor.

Ubisoft, which has claimed that the Wii console is a key element of the company’s next-gen strategy and is backing that up with 7 launch titles for the system, is also supporting the PS3 and Xbox 360. Speaking on the European next-gen launch, Ubisoft executive Alain Corre said, “I think that Sony giving an extra Christmas to Microsoft is an issue because the more 360 is established in homes, the less PS3 will be.”

“The PS3 and the 360 are not cheap, so once people buy a machine they won’t neccessarily by a second one three months after that or even a year after that.”

While the company is supporting all three consoles, it’s putting it’s biggest titles and confidence in Nintendo’s Wii. Ubi has been under fire over the past few years from Electronic Arts which has been acquiring the company’s stock and threatening a takeover. Speaking on the issue of EA, Corre went on to say, “The plan is for us to go on developing the business ourselves. What we have proven over the last 18, 20 months after EA got into our capital is that being independent, keeping our own strategy, was very lucrative and was the right thing to do.”


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