Monopoly, Risk, and Trivial Pursuit will be available this fall through the new channel on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Ubisoft announced a new channel for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, coming this fall. A collaboration with Hasbro, the Hasbro Game Channel will make Monopoly, Risk, and Trivial Pursuit available for download and provide new gameplay modes, achievements, rewards, and missions for players. Chris Early, vice president of digital publishing at Ubisfot, says, “We’re bringing Hasbro’s classic games to the digital age, capturing all the excitement and fun of these timeless games and building new ways to play them with the Hasbro Game Channel.” The channel will include messaging and game discovery options designed to facilitate digital family game nights.

Mark Blecher, senior vice president of digital gaming and corporate development for Hasbro, says, “We have worked closely with Ubisoft on the development of the Hasbro Game Channel, which will bring family and friends together for a fun and social gaming experience with their favorite brands. The new console games will allow players to connect and play with others, not just in their living rooms, but around the world.” Monopoly supports six local players, using controllers, tablets, or mobile phones to enter commands. You can also adapt the Monopoly rules to use your own house rules. Risk supports four players, local or online, and online leagues will rank players. Trivial Pursuit appears to support four local players, and includes customizable rules like letting the lowest-scoring player choose the final question category in a round, and options for changing the overall game length.

Ubisoft and Hasbro haven’t revealed any pricing details yet for the channel. In addition to Monopoly, Risk, and Trivial Pursuit, new games are planned for the channel in 2015. Variations on Monopoly and Risk are also planned, though there’s no word on whether Risk Legacy might get a digital adaptation (something that might help nervous tabletop gamers with its card-shredding mechanics). Which Hasbro game would you like to see in the new Hasbro Game Channel?

Source: Ubisoft

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