Ubisoft is working with Steam to offer a return option to dissatisfied From Dust purchasers.

Ubisoft’s inability to clearly describe how digital rights management (DRM) would affect the PC version of From Dust wrought an unfortunate situation – one that left many gamers feeling ripped-off. Is it always on? Is it on just when you initially log in? Nobody seemed to have the clear picture.

The publisher recently announced plans to drop all DRM authentication from its latest god simulator within two weeks, allowing for completely offline gaming, but it looks like it’s going a step farther to appease the masses. Ubisoft asked Steam to grant purchasers of From Dust the option to have their money refunded.

“Ubisoft has just announced that they are working on a patch that will eliminate the need for any online authentication for From Dust,” reads a Steam support ticket sent to Giant Bomb. “The patch will release in approximately two weeks. If you don’t want to wait for the patch or if you haven’t played the game, per Ubisoft’s request, we will issue refunds for this title. If you would still like your purchase of From Dust refunded, please reply to this ticket.”

The Escapist’s own Justin Clouse granted From Dust three-and-a-half stars, praising the visuals and its “satisfying puzzle inspired gameplay,” so there is some fun to be had. However, if you feel cheated by Ubisoft’s wishy-washy, noncommittal statements regarding DRM, it looks like you’ll finally be able to do something about it.

Source: Giant Bomb

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