Ubisoft Denies Launch Day Crack for Silent Hunter 5 DRM


Ubisoft has denied that its vaunted new online DRM scheme was cracked on the launch day of Silent Hunter 5, saying that the pirated version of the game floating around online is “not complete.”

Eurogamer reported earlier today that the DRM in Silent Hunter 5: Battle of the Atlantic had been defeated on the same day it was released. While unconfirmed, the news would be particularly worrisome for Ubisoft if true because the game features the new “always online” DRM scheme planned for all future Ubi releases on PC that requires users to be constantly connected to the internet in order to play their games and immediately kicks them out if they’re not.

Ubisoft has denied the claim, however, saying that the cracked release is incomplete, although it did not specify in what way. “You have probably seen rumors on the web that Assassin’s Creed II and Silent Hunter 5 have been cracked,” the company said in a statement. “Please know that this rumor is false and while a pirated version may seem to be complete at start up, any gamer who downloads and plays a cracked version will find that their version is not complete.”

But users who have downloaded the pirated version of the game are disputing that response, according to GamesIndustry, and maintain that they can play the game without being online. This is obviously something we can’t confirm, but whatever the case, it’s clear that the fight between Ubisoft and the pirate community is now in full swing

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