A barely-dressed “Coco” has been announced as the third member of Ubisoft’s elite Team Ghost.

No, not Conan O’Brien. We’re talking about actress/dancer/glamour model/web personality/Ice-T bangsack Nicole “Coco” Austin, a spectacularly proportioned woman best known for taking her clothes off and being married to “Cop Killer” singer-slash-TV detective Ice-T. And now she’s joined up with two other extremely minor celebrities, NBA “double-double king” Kevin Love and “future NFL sensation” Justin Blackmon, plus “a hot young rapper” to be named later, in what is surely the most can’t-miss PR campaign of the year: Team Ghost.

Coco is the third and newest member of this squad of “real world elites,” and what she brings to the party will surely come as no surprise to anyone: broad expertise with a wide range of both NATO and CSTO firearms.

Just kidding! She brings tits, of course. And ass. My god, the ass. “I love shooting guns in real life, so when you’re on this game, and you’re pointing and you’re shooting, you really feel like you’re at war,” she says in the video, wearing what I’m pretty sure is not a standard-issue onesie. [You can tell, because it’s not MultiCam.]

“I’m the gun expert on Team Ghost, so my role is to make sure that everyone customizes their gun so they’re properly equipped for the mission at hand,” she added.

In all fairness to Mrs. T, her husband is a well-known gamer who actually played a role in last year’s Gears of War 3, and there’s no reason to doubt that she enjoys the hobby every bit as much as he does, which is probably why she got this gig. Right?

To find out more about how Coco can help you get a better grip on your pistol, point your browser at Complex. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier comes out on May 22 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and June 12 for the PC.

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