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UFC 5 Trailer Reveals the Game Will Be Rated M

UFC 5 Trailer

EA has shown off the first trailer from the upcoming UFC 5, revealing that the game will be rated M for the first time in series history. It earns that rating thanks to blood, strong language, and violence, according to the listing, and it certainly sounds like it’s deserved, based on some of the game’s headline features.

At the top of the list is what EA is calling the Real Impact System, which introduces “realistic blow-by-blow damage” coupled with real-time deterioration of fighters as matches progress. Alongside that is a system that enables “more than 64,000 possible facial damage combinations,” as well as new systems that better simulate the presence of sweat and blood. Honestly, it all seems a little excessive.

While most of that is implicit in the new trailer for UFC 5, we do get a glimpse of a couple of other new and upgraded features. For example, the seamless submissions system no longer includes minigames and features faster animation transitions for what looks to be a much smoother experience. In-fight injuries now also play a bigger role, as referees can pause or even end a fight if the injuries seem too severe.

It’s all built upon a shift to EA’s flagship Frostbite engine, which has been used for some other EA Sports franchises for years, including FIFA and Madden NFL.

In addition, EA has provided some additional details of what to expect from the Deluxe Edition, which includes former MMA star Fedor Emelianenko, and famed boxers Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson as fight legends. It will also enable three days of early access for those who pre-order.

UFC 5 is set to launch on October 27 for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S|X. A full gameplay reveal trailer is set to arrive in the coming weeks.

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