The Entertainment and Leisure Software Publishers Association pronounced itself pleased with the tone of a recently released UK Home Office report that does not pin blame for violence on videogames specifically.

“There are concerns that the way in which violence can be presented in popular culture, for example in music, television, films, videos, computer games and on the internet, may attribute towards a general atmosphere in which violence is tolerated and even glorified,” the New Challenges report reads in part.

The ELSPA said it was satisfied to see that video game violence and its possible influence was placed in the general context of popular culture and not unfairly highlighted to the exclusion of other mediums.

“To their credit they appear to have listened to what we have had to say, as while the document does express concern over the way violence can be presented in popular culture, it doesn’t single out games and goes on to state that government ‘will work with relevant industries and regulators to ensure that any response is proportionate and evidence based,'” an ELSPA statement said.


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