If you live in the UK and were planning to pick up a PlayStation Vita, be warned: GAME isn’t going to have any Ubisoft games to go along with the system’s launch.

UK Retailer GAME has been having a tough couple of weeks. After losing credit insurance (meaning stores would have to pay cash for new stock), the retailer’s cancelled its special edition for The Last Story, and now it’s revealed that it won’t have any Ubisoft games in stock when the PlayStation Vita launches.

That’s a problem for many UK gamers, since GAME is described as “the only specialist store in the UK,” and games not being sold through the chain can be pretty detrimental to their sales rankings. Eurogamer cites how Namco’s Tekken 3D Prime Edition wasn’t sold in the stores and didn’t make it onto the Top 40 Chart.

This is could severely limit folks’ option when it comes to buying games for the new system. Ubisoft has five games coming out in time for the Vita’s launch (for better or for worse), but the publisher has yet to comment on the situation. GAME has confirmed, though, that Vita titles from publishers EA, Capcom, and Sega will all be available.

GAME’s expected to unveil an £18 million loss this fiscal quarter, and is reportedly trying to shore things up with both the Vita and Wii U systems launching. However, if it can’t provide things to play on these consoles, then a lot of gamers will likely go elsewhere to make their purchases, thus worsening this financial spiral.


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