UK Xbox Magazine Teases “Killer New Feature” For Mass Effect 3


Evidence that Mass Effect 3 might actually contain multiplayer after all seems to be mounting.

British Xbox 360 magazine, Xbox World, is teasing the reveal of a “killer new feature” for Mass Effect 3 on the front cover its latest issue. There’s no clue about what this feature is, although speculation has naturally turned to the long-rumored – but not confirmed – multiplayer modes.

As you may recall, Xbox World magazine has made out that it has had important details before, when all it really had was rumors. However, this tease has come at the same time South African retailer indicated that the Collector’s Edition of the game would contain an “online multiplayer pass.” Whether or not this detail makes Xbox World’s tease more credible is open for a whole lot of debate, but the timing is interesting if nothing else.

It could just be an awkwardly-worded reference to the Cerberus Pass system though, especially when you consider that it’s usually only people who buy pre-owned copies that have to buy an online pass for multiplayer EA games, not those who bought the “wrong” retail copies.

It’s certainly possible that BioWare has stuck multiplayer into Mass Effect 3, although it can’t have failed to notice how unpopular the idea is with its biggest fans. Mass Effect 3 is a game that doesn’t really need multiplayer, and while that doesn’t mean that any online modes will automatically be bad, if they are included, it’ll be hard to see it as anything other than EA ticking a box on a feature list.

Source: CVG and NeoGAF

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