Do you want the absolute best racing simulator setup that money can buy? Better have two hundred grand lying around.

Okay, I get that there are people who take their simulations very, very seriously – and that’s totally fine by me. If you want to spend hours getting the best possible setup for your flight simulator or your racing simulator, then go for it. It just seems odd to me, though, that for the $191,000 price tag of the Cruden Hexatech Simulator, you could buy quite a few real cars.

That’s not to say that it’s not impressive, though. The three wrap-around screens are gorgeous, the hydraulic tripod chassis setup is designed to accurately simulate how the G-forces on your body would feel every time you rounded a corner, and it can apparently be customized to the car of your choice – as well as get accurate feedback from the tires, the suspension, and all of that fancy car stuff. The Cruden Hexatech can accurately simulate Formula 1 racing, NASCAR racing, and even if those are the only types of races I know I’m sure it can simulate other things as well.

And for $200,000, it damn well better be able to.


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