Ultra Street Fighter IV‘s “Secret” New Character is Decapre

Decapre may just look like “Cammy with a mask,” but Capcom assures us she is totally different.

Back when Ultra Street Fighter IV was announced last year, Capcom revealed four characters (Rolento, Elena, Hugo, and Poison) who had previously been featured in Street Fighter X Tekken, and promised a fifth, secret, brand-new, never-before-seen character. That character has now been revealed to be Decapre, one of the “Bison Dolls” who bears a rather striking similarity to Street Fighter veteran, Cammy.

Decapre, along with the other Bison Dolls, were captured by Shadaloo at a young age, and brainwashed to be an assassin and bodyguard for M. Bison. Previous games featured Juni and Juli as playable Bison Dolls, but true to Capcom’s word, this is Decapre’s first appearance as a playable character in a video game.

While at first glance she appears to be a mere clone of Cammy, using her signature corkscrew kicks, Decapre has her own unique fighting style, which uses retractable blades on both hands in hand-to-hand combat, “quick and elusive scramble moves” and psycho power infused attacks that allow her to share her pain with her opponents.

Ultra Street Fighter IV will also include the Edition Select Mode, where players can choose their favorite version of any fighter featuring their original balance from past Street Fighter IV revisions, and YouTube integration.

It will launch for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in June, with a Windows PC version following in August. It will cost $39.99 as a stand-alone game, while players who already own a version of Street Fighter IV can upgrade for $14.99.

What do you guys think of this reveal? Personally, after hyping it for so long, I was expecting a slightly more… original character.

Source: Capcom

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