Tired of jerks knocking down your walls with construction equipment? New bomb-proof X-Flex wallpaper has you covered.

Everybody has That One Guy in their life – you know, That One Guy who’s such a jackass that if you had a crane and wrecking ball, you wouldn’t hesitate to smash his house to bits? Don’t pretend you don’t know who That One Guy is. Unfortunately, even if you did have three hours with heavy construction equipment to do as you wished, if That One Guy’s house is using X-Flex wallpaper, you’re pretty much stuck – as seen in the video above.

X-Flex isn’t flimsy paper crap, but rather sheets of “elastic polymer wrap” sandwiching a layer of Kevlar-esque material, that bonds so tightly to the wall it’s on – and is yet still incredibly flexible – that it will help the wall keep its shape even if hit by bomb blasts, reports Pop Sci. Yes, you read that right – it’s wallpaper that’s stronger than the wall it’s attached to.

The X-Flex technology is targeted at military bases in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as other places where explosions are a conceivable risk, such as chemical plants. Which probably means that it’ll be too expensive for mere civilians to purchase (at least for now) … so actually, the odds that That One Guy will have it are pretty damn slim. Happy wrecking balling!

(Via Gizmodo)

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