Brand new footage of Uncharted 3 shows a more in-depth progression through one of the game’s areas.

The first gameplay trailer for Uncharted 3 looked great, but mostly showed Drake and returning partner Sully running through a burning chateau. Naughty Dog has recently released more footage of the game that gets more into the nitty gritty of what players will experience while playing Uncharted 3.

The footage comes in two parts, and actually shows how the previously-seen chateau catches on fire. Bad guys just love burning stuff, the jerks. The first thing I noticed was that Naughty Dog has somehow made Uncharted 3 even more gorgeous than the previous titles in the franchise.

Part of that is due to a new streaming animation system. Depending on what Drake is doing, his “animation state” will change, Naughty Dog game director Justin Richmond told Joystiq. Watching the new footage, you can see that Drake might do a little skip when changing direction, or swing his feet when hanging from a wall. Further, physics are planned as a more significant element in Uncharted 3‘s platforming elements.

Another big change is in Drake’s hand-to-hand combat ability. In the first two Uncharted titles, Drake could take on one enemy at a time in a form of QTE. In Uncharted 3, Richmond says: “You can put five or ten guys around him and actually have Drake punching them out.” He also revealed that Drake will be able to use melee weapons such as bottles, and in the second part of the footage Drake is even seen taking weapons right out of his foes’ hands.

The only characters revealed for Uncharted 3 so far are Drake and Sully, but Naughty Dog confirms that more friendly, or unfriendly, familiar faces will show up. Drake’s primary enemy takes the form of an organized cult, described as “more of a manipulative enemy than a full-on bad guy” that can “mess with your mind, as well.”

Uncharted 2‘s multiplayer was entirely successful in giving players a new online experience, and Naughty Dog hopes to improve upon it for Uncharted 3. Using player feedback, Richmond says Naughty Dog will “take [multiplayer] to the next level” by adding features it wanted to include in Uncharted 2. Details are sparse, but co-op will definitely return.

So yeah, Naughty Dog is somehow taking one of the best games ever and making it even better. Uncharted 3 will be released on November 1, 2011.

Source: Joystiq

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