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Use Moira’s flashlight to find six secret Kafka drawings with locations on the Resident Evil: Revelations 2 collectibles guide.

In Revelations 2, you’ll take control of either Claire Redfield or Barry Burton as they struggle to escape another monster-infested hellhole. With Claire, Barry’s teenage daughter Moira joins the team as the designated flashlight-pointer. Good thing for them, the disgusting Afflicted creatures that stalk the prison halls are very sensitive to light.

That flashlight is good for more than blinding enemies. To spot the six hidden Kafka Drawings and unlock a unique message, you’ll need Moira’s light. Follow the instructions below and use the flashlight to collect all six images. It’s almost kafkaesque.

Episode 1 – Kafka Drawings Locations

There are six Kafka Drawings hidden in Episode 1 of Resident Evil: Revelations 2. Switch to Moira and her flashlight to spot them — they always appear as blue neon symbols.

Kafka Drawing #1: Inside the dark prison, eventually Claire and Moira will enter a chamber with catwalks. A zombie will bash through a metal door ahead while another appears above. Get rid of the zombie through the door while Claire says “Run, Moira, run!” — don’t run yet. Enter the stockroom to the left of the ladder and look right to spot the first drawing on the wall behind the shelves.

Kafka Drawing #2: Further ahead, Claire will tell Moira she needs a gun too, but she refuses in dialogue. Look on the wall to the right of the exit door to spot this smaller drawing inbetween shelves.

Kafka Drawing #3: Moving into a hallway with windows along the left side, a zombie will jump through the glass and try to ambush you. Take him down, then go through the first door on your right. Inside, immediately turn left and look high up on the wall.

Kafka Drawing #4: Using Moira to activate the trash compactor, Claire will be able to climb out. After hitting the switch, a monster will kick down a door between Moira and Claire. Kill the monster and go inside the newly opened room. The drawing is on the wall to the left as you enter.

Kafka Drawing #5: Finally getting outside, you’ll pass through an half-circle arch under the exterior wall of the prison. Turn around and look above at the wall covered with barbed wire at the top.

Kafka Drawing #6: On the cliffs, pass over the old bridge until you reach a grassy bluff. Walk down the steps and look on the outer-right side of the bridge. The last drawing is there — Claire starts some dialogue explaining how Barry will never forgive her for getting Moira mixed up in this situation.

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