A sequel to Ubisoft’s cel-shaded first-person shooter may release this November.

French developer Anuman Interactive recently announced XIII: Lost Identity, bringing hope that this may be the long-thought dead sequel to Ubisoft’s 2003 underrated shooter XIII.

For those who missed out, XIII put players into the shoes of XIII, an amnesiac with the roman numeral mysteriously tattooed on his shoulder. Voiced by a bored-sounding David Duchovny, XIII is being hunted by all sorts of government and secret agencies for supposedly assassinating the President.

Based off of a Belgian graphic novel of the same name, XIII sported cel-shaded graphics and comic book style visuals right down to sound-effects appearing in word bubbles. Gameplay was a mix of action and stealth, as sometimes the only weapons available to you were chairs, ashtrays and your own fists, and gunning down your enemies wasn’t always the smartest option. The conspiracy-laden action game ended on a cliffhanger, and sadly a sequel never appeared.

At this time, other than its title it’s unclear as to what connection XIII: Lost Identity will have to the 2003 game, and Anuman Interactive hasn’t given any information on any gameplay details either. Currently the game is scheduled to release this November for the PC, Mac and iOS platforms.

Source: Eurogamer

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