Unforgotten Realms Marathon and Trivia Challenge


Here’s a quick update for all you Unforgotten Realms fans: Season three still has a ton of surprises in store and is looking to be the most exciting season yet.

In fact, the next few episodes, concluding Schmoopy and Nailo’s visit to “Hogwat’s Academy” are so epic, Rob checked in and asked us for a little more time to complete them. So we gave him the week off so we could run the Unforgotten Realms Marathon all weekend instead.

Head over to our Video Page, where you’ll find all of the episodes of Season Three to date. You can also catch up on Seasons One and Two at the Unforgotten Realms Page. The conclusion to the Hogwats storyline is going to be intense, so you’ll want to bone up on the Lore of the Nadir Gems and Sins of the Unforgotten.

You’ll also want to enter our Unforgotten Realms Trivia Challenge next Thursday, part of our Fourth Birthday Celebration! Catch up on your Unforgotten Realms this weekend, take the quiz next Thursday and receive a limited-edition Unforgotten Realms badge just for playing. Challengers who receive a perfect score will receive another special badge, and be entered into a random drawing to receive a free Unforgotten Realms T-shirt.

So if you haven’t been keeping up with the adventures of Schmoopy and Nailo, or if you’re not quite sure of the difference between a Kobold and a Groundbold, now’s the time to catch up!

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