Unlock ‘A Leap of Faith’ With These Stunt Ramp Locations in Arkham Knight

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Take Arkham Knight’s Batmobile for a spin and unlock the ‘Leap of Faith’ trophy or achievement with these stunt jump ramp locations.

Ramps are a common commodity in the crime-infested streets of Gotham City. There are a total of seventeen we’ve located with map coordinates in the list below. Just driving over these ramps isn’t enough to unlock, it’ll take some wind-up time, plenty of afterburner, and a little bit of luck.

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‘A Leap of Faith’ Stunt Jump Locations Guide

To unlock the tricky ‘A Leap of Faith’ trophy or achievement, you’ll need to make eight [8] jumps of 100 meters or more with the Batmobile. That’s no small feat, but there are many more than eight jump locations spread around Gotham.

Thanks to some help online, we’ve found seventeen [17] awesome stunt jump locations. They’re not all easy, so skip the ones you’re having trouble with and try others. Remember, all it takes is eight.

To make this easier, unlock Batmobile upgrades to get more speed / afterburner, making it easier to fly further after a jump. Give yourself plenty of lead-up track before attempting the jump to ensure you clear 100+ meters.

Stunt Jump Locations

Explore the coordinates below to find ramps. Once the ramp is located, make a custom waypoint marker on your map, then give yourself 100+ meters to speed up the Batmobile.

  • Stunt Jump #1: Miagani Island – X:2969, Y:2271
  • Stunt Jump #2: Miagani Island – X:3162, Y:2322
  • Stunt Jump #3: Miagani Island – X:2934, Y:2324
  • Stunt Jump #4: Miagani Island – X:2888, Y:2270
  • Stunt Jump #5: Miagani Island – X:2895, Y:2656
  • Stunt Jump #6: Founders’ Island – X:3224, Y:1210
  • Stunt Jump #7: Founders’ Island – X:2488, Y:1874
  • Stunt Jump #8: Founders’ Island – X:2173, Y:1818
  • Stunt Jump #9: Founders’ Island – X:2231, Y:2043
  • Stunt Jump #10: Bleake Island – X:1723, Y:2490
  • Stunt Jump #11: Bleake Island – X:1741, Y:2639
  • Stunt Jump #12: Bleake Island – X:1837, Y:2717
  • Stunt Jump #13: Bleake Island – X:1595, Y:2754
  • Stunt Jump #14: Bleake Island – X:1908, Y:3117
  • Stunt Jump #15: Bleake Island – X:1978, Y:2887
  • Stunt Jump #16: Bleake Island – X:2066, Y:2757
  • Stunt Jump #17: Bleake Island – X:2390, Y:2737

Trophies / Achievements Unlocked

A Leap of Faith (Bronze / 5 points):
Complete 8 different jumps over 100 meters.

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