Unlock Cheats With Every Godly Possession in God of War 3: Remastered

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Gain all the powers of the Greek pantheon with every hidden Godly Possession unlockable available in God of War 3: Remastered. Instead of increasing Kratos’ strength like every other relic, these unique collectibles give the player access to game-changing cheat codes.

God of War 3: Remastered upscales the conclusion to Kratos’ feud with Zeus for the PS4. Everything carries over, with crisper visuals for the already-impressive vistas on Mount Olympias. If you’re a veteran, these hidden Godly Possessions haven’t changed locations, it’s all exactly the same. But, for those behind on their mythological artifact hunting, check out the complete list below and earn a gold ‘Priceless’ trophy for your trouble.

All Godly Possessions Locations

Note: Godly Possessions are, basically, unlockable cheat codes with unique effects that are toggled in the pause menu. You must complete the game once before they can be activated. Trophies cannot be earned while the effects listed below are active.

Zeus’ Eagle: Infinite Rage of Sparta meter. Found in the Heart of Gaia chamber. There’s a white interactable light to the right. Move past it to a wall with climbable vines. Scale the vine path to a ledge above to find Zeus’ Eagle.

Hades’ Helm: Max Health, Magic, and Item meter. Following the battle against Hades in his realm, you’ll enter the River Styx. While swimming down, sink to the bottom and explore the foreground.

Helios’ Shield: Multiplies Hit Counter Times 3. Returning to Olympia, Kratos will defeat Helios. Check the area to the right of his dead body to locate the shield.

Hermes’ Coin: Multiplies Collected Red Orbs Times 10. In the Citadel area, Kratos rides a massive boulder to a crash site with a fallen statue’s head. Look in the crevices along the right edge of the statue head.

Hercules’ Shoulder Guard: Decreases damage by 1/3. Just after killing Hercules and collecting the Nemean Cestus, swim to the bottom of the waters directly beneath Hercules’ floating corpse.

Poseidon’s Conch Shell: Infinite Magic meter. Inside Poseidon’s Chamber, you’ll encounter his princesses in a harem-like setting before one escapes through a portal. Look in an alcove to the right of the portal.

Aphrodite’s Garter: Use Athena’s Blades alternate weapon from the intro. Check the area behind the bed in Athena’s room. Move toward the camera in the foreground, on the right, then jump and glide left to reach the area behind her bed.

Hephaestus’ Ring: Automatically complete all QTE sequences. Returning to Hephaestus, Kratos will kill the giant and leave his head hanging forward. Jump to a platform to the left of his body to discover his ring.

Daedalus’ Schematics: Infinite Item meter. To earn this possession, you’ll need to solve a puzzle in Daedalus’ Workshop. In the room with the hanging mirrors, activate the switch to the right and raise the central platform with a ballista. Use the Boots of Hermes to run up the wall to the right of the ballista and enter a chamber with a switch. Pull the switch to lower two cages with chests inside. Return to the ballista and fire it to break the chain holding the chests.

Hera’s Chalice: Health Meter continuously depletes. Following a cutscene with Hera, look down the ledge path to the left of a save point. There’s a short cutscene showing Kratos taking the chalice.

Trophy Unlocked

Priceless (Gold):
Collect all of the Godly Possessions.

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