Unlock Every Tekken 7 Achievement / Trophy | 100% Completion Guide


You don’t need to be the King of the Iron Fist Tournament to complete every achievement and trophy in Tekken 7. Here’s all the tips you’ll need to reach 100%.

Shockingly, hitting the 100% completion mark isn’t that hard in Tekken 7. You won’t need to complete anything too outrageous — only two achievements / trophies are particularly tough, and those can be made easier thanks to the difficulty slider.

No, this just takes a little bit of time. A few hours to finish the story here, a few more hours to rank up there. All in all, a dedicated player could probably 100% Tekken 7 in 12 hours or less. Follow the step-by-step process below for all the details.

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Achievement / Trophy Guide | 100% Completion Tips

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Step #1: Story Mode

If you’re aiming to earn 100% completion, the best place to start is Story Mode. Complete all 14 chapters (including a bonus chapter) to unlock every story-related achievement / trophy.

You can also change the difficulty in the Options menu. Swap to Easy if you’re ever having trouble.

  • Achievements / Trophies Unlocked:
    • You Think You’re Tougher Than Me?
    • Let’s Do This
    • You Challenge Me?
    • I Can’t Accept This Fate
    • It’s Time For You To Meet Your End!
    • Master Of Iron Fist

Step #2: Character Episodes

Next, you’ll want to tackle the Character Episodes that unlock. These small episodes consist of a single fight and cutscene. There are 28 episodes, but you’ll only need to complete 10 to unlock two achievements / trophies tied to the Character Episodes.

  • Achievements / Trophies Unlocked:
    • I Demand To Know The Truth!
    • Lightning Of Fate

Step #3: Treasure Battle / Rank Up

NOTE: To make things easier, set the difficulty to “Easy” in the Options menu and set Rounds to 1.

There are 10 achievements / trophies tied to Treasure Battle, the endless survival mode. This offline mode pits your fighter against CPU opponents — your primary goal here is to reach 12th Dan, or Warrior rank.

To gain ranks, continue to fight until you randomly land on “Promotion” battles. Successfully complete these battles to rank up. Offline, you cannot lose rank — and you can freely start over. Progress is Treasure Battle does not effect your chances of landing on a Promotion Battle.

The rank is character specific, so stick with the same character to reach the Warrior rank. You can also play Arcade Battle for promotions — only two achievement / trophies are really tricky.

While in Treasure Battle (or Arcade Battle), watch out for special event battles pitting you against Devil Kazumi or Akuma. These events are extremely rare. Winning will unlock two special achievements / trophies. It happens randomly in Treasure Battle, or often at the end of the Arcade Battle ladder.

  • Achievements / Trophies Unlocked:
    • Instant Annihilation
    • Wow, I’m Pretty Strong!
    • Cool!
    • I’ve Finally Found You!
    • The Prosperous Inevitably Decline
    • Fear My Wrath
    • This Should Be Fun
    • Your Technique Is Impressive
    • Roar! (Nice Moves!)
    • Hot-Blooded Fighter

Step #4: Going Online

All the online achievements are very easy, but you’ll need internet access and Xbox Live or PS Plus to play online. You’ll need to win one Ranked Match, win one Player Match, win one Tournament Match, and fight 10 matches (of any type) in total. You don’t have to win the 10 matches, so you only need to win 3 matches in total.

No, you don’t need to complete a whole tournament. Just a single fight in the tournament.

If you play at all, this is very quick and easy. Even if you’re not very good, a solid afternoon of matchmaking should pair you with similar-skilled opponents. There’s no trick here.

  • Achievements / Trophies Unlocked:
    • Yeah! I Did It!
    • Not Bad
    • Okay! I’m Ready!
    • Come And Get Some, I Dare You!

Step #5: Everything Else

The final achievements / trophies are all related to different types of combat challenges. Here, we’ll cover all the details you’ll need for each individual achievement / trophy, and how to unlock.

No Pain, No Gain
Dealt 50,000 damage in Practice Mode.

Enter Practice Mode and start dishing out damage. Just complete a single practice session — the damage carries between practice sessions.

Don’t Take It Personally
Achieved a perfect victory (Excluding offline VS Battle)

You’ll have to achieve a single perfect victory. That means you have to win a single round without taking any damage. Play Treasure Mode and lower the difficulty — after a little bit of practice, you’re bound to earn a perfect accidentally. Just spam punches / kicks with a fast character like Eddy.

You Fought Well
Achieved a great victory (Excluding offline VS Battle)

A great victory occurs when your health bar is extremely low but you manage to win. This is extremely common, so you’re bound to get this achievement / trophy through normal play. There’s no need to try. One of the best ways to achieve a victory in this state is to save and unleash a Rage Move.

There’s Nowhere to Run. Give Up!
Dealt 10 Homing Attacks (Excluding offline VS Battle)

Very basic. Homing Attacks are special attacks that hit opponents even when they’re evading or sidestepping. You’ll most-likely unlock this accidentally. If not, check any character’s Move List and find moves with a blue circle icon — that means it’s a homing attack. Land 10 (even against enemies that aren’t evading) to unlock.

I’ll Kick Your Butt To Hell And Back
Dealt 70+ damage in an air combo (Excluding offline VS Battle)

This can be done in Practice mode too. Turn down difficulty to dish out more damage, and spam Kazuya’s launcher. Check the Move List for launchers on any character — fight Jack for a higher damage output. Just launch and juggle. After launching, use any 3-4 hit combo to do enough damage to unlock this.

Just Relax, You Can Do It
Performed three 10 hit combos (Excluding offline VS Battle)

Very simple. Every character has a 10+ hit combo in the Move List. Enter Practice Mode and find the 10+ hit combo. Practice until you can do it, then repeat the combo. You can do it three times in the same practice session.

Elegance At Its Purest
Triggered 10 screws (Excluding offline VS Battle)

A screw attack is any powerful move that causes your opponent to spin when they’re knocked back. You’ll most likely unlock this accidentally, but check the move list. Any move with a green icon is a screw attack. Use it 10 times and you’re done.

Power Is Everything!
Dealt 10 power crushes (Excluding offline VS Battle)

Again, super easy. Power crushes are marked with a red icon on the move list, and every character has multiple of them. If you complete the story and play Treasure Mode, this will unlock.

Dealt 10 Rage Drives (Excluding offline VS Battle)

Rage Drives are special extended combo moves on every Move List, beneath the Rage Arts entry. If you want to get this fast, go to Practice Mode and activate Rage in the last Options tab.

Then, follow the Rage Drive prompt 10 times.

We Settle This Now!
Dealt 10 Rage Arts (Excluding offline VS Battle)

Rage Arts are super moves you can unleash with [R1 / RB] by default when your character glows red at low health. These are powerful attacks, and if you remember to use them, you’ll earn this achievement / trophy in no time while grinding for 12th Dan.

Stun Gun!
Snatched victory from the jaws of defeat 5 times with Rage Art (Excluding offline VS Battle)

This isn’t so hard. You’ll unlock Rage when you’re low on health, so essentially you need to get 5 “Great Victories” using a Rage Art to finish the battle.

Play on easy if this hasn’t happened naturally and let opponents bring you down to extremely low health. When your opponent has about 25% health or less left, unleash your Rage Art.

Anger of the Beast
Dealt an overall total of 10,000 damage while in rage mode (Excluding offline VS Battle)

Go to Practice Mode and turn on Rage in the right-most options tab, then use whatever attacks you want. You’ll be in rage mode the entire time, so you can simply practice like normal and you’ll unlock this achievement / trophy.

Sturdy And Indestructible
Blocked 5 Rage Arts (Excluding offline VS Battle)

This can also be earned in Practice Mode. Enter Practice, then set the CPU Opponent’s “Action-Settings” to Ultra Hard difficulty. That means they’ll fight back.

Next, go to Other Settings, swap to your Opponent’s Settings, and turn Rage [On] so they will have unlimited Rage.

Now just sit back and block. It might take some time, but you’ll eventually be able to block 5 Rage Arts.

Don’t Hold Anything Back
Defeated 20 opponents of a higher rank.

This can only be unlocked in Treasure Mode. Play enough, and you’ll encounter 20 higher-ranked opponents, no problem. If you haven’t already, swap to different characters. Every character reverts back to the lowest level, and the 20 opponents carry-over.

Alternatively, once you reach Warrior rank, almost all of your opponents in Treasure Mode will have a higher rank. Win a few fights and this achievement / trophy is in the bag.

Going Somewhere? / Please Don’t Tell My Father
Reached the bottom floor of the Forgotten Realm Stage / Jungle Outpost Stage (Excluding offline VS Battle)

Start up Practice Mode and select the Forgotten Realm Stage with Alisa. Use Alisa’s basic throw [Triangle / Y + Circle / B] to smash through the floor. Do it three times to reach the bottom.

On the way down, you’ll also unlock the Crushing Impact! and Destructive Drive achievements / trophies.

To get Please Don’t Tell My Father, just load the Jungle Outpast stage in practice. Move the opponent to the balcony in the starting area and use the same Alisa throw, then do the same throw on the vines on the exterior edge to unlock the area.

Obtained an overall total of 10,000,000G

“G” is the cash you’ll earn for winning matches in Treasure Mode. You’ll naturally earn 30,000-60,000 per fight in Treasure Mode, and periodically you’ll win bonus G from treasure chests.

You’ll also earn huge amounts of money for completing the Story Mode and Arcade Battle Mode. For finishing any Online match types, you’ll also get a hefty reward for first-time completion.

You can spend money — the trick is just earning it. Ranked Online fights will give you even more cash, if you’re looking to get rich quicker.

You’ll earn the It’s Just Business achievement / trophy on your way to earning this one.

And that’s it! Now you know how to get every achievement / trophy in Tekken 7. Not bad, right?

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