Unlock Powerful White Robes in Journey With Every Symbol Location

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Now that Journey is out on Playstation 4, take a return trip and collect every glowing symbol with our locations guide, helping your mysterious pilgrim unlock the powerful white robes outfit.

Finding these rare glowing symbols upgrades the wanderer’s scarf power, allowing them to glide and leap further across the desolate landscape of Journey. Collect them all, and there’s a bonus costume in your future — the white robes instantly refill your scarf after a landing, making exploration easier than ever before.

Check out the entries below for tips, showing you how to find every glowing symbol and where to collect your reward, the white robes, when you’re done.

Symbol Locations – How to Unlock White Robes

To unlock the powerful White Robe outfit, you’ll need to collect every symbol. Glowing symbols upgrade your scarf.

Once every symbol is collected, return to the Hub and go up the steps to the area that shows how many symbols you’ve collected. Travel to the glowing white thread and press [Circle] to change into the white robes. Change back into your normal robes by returning to this location and pressing [Circle].

The white robes, when worn, instantly regenerate scarf jumping energy after landing.

Locations Guide

Intro Area

  • Symbol #1: The first glowing symbol is right in front of your starting point.
  • Symbol #2: After crossing the sands in the lower area, you’ll reach a three-story platform that you circle to reach the top. On the second level, continue past the partially-crumbled top to find a symbol to the left.
  • Symbol #3: There’s a small platform sticking out of the sand to the right of the three-story platform, between it and the building with stairs. Jump and glide to it or run across the valley.

Broken Bridge Area

  • Symbol #1: The first symbol is near the starting point of this area. It’s found on a ledge to the right where there’s a sandfall, before reaching the broken bridge in the distance.
  • Symbol #2: Return to the starting point and travel northwest. Watch the rock wall for a cave hidden behind another sandfall, partially obscuring the glowing symbol inside.
  • Symbol #3: At the start of the area, travel left and look next to a rocky outcropping between the staggered broken bridges.

Desert Area

  • Symbol #1: Travel right from the starting point through the dunes to find a small ruin of pillars with the glowing symbol sitting on top of a column.
  • Symbol #2: From the start, move toward the mountain in the far, far distance. Eventually, beams of light will shoot out from the mountain’s direction and land in the desert. The first leads straight to a small ruin with a symbol glowing above a wrecked wall.
  • Symbol #3: Leave the start of the desert, moving left until you come across flying clothe creatures near ruins buried deep in the sand. Move toward the mountain to spot another ruin with an Ancient Glyph. Moving toward the mountain again, across one more dune, there’s a tall tower with stairs containing the next symbol at the top.
  • Symbol #4: Inside the massive sandstorm, travel up to the top of the tower. Before going up the steps to the shrine, check out the ledge to the left.

Sunken City Area

  • Symbol #1: Just as you start sliding through the city, follow the arches on the left path. Once you pass through five, move right to a ruined hallway in the center of the path. There’s a glowing symbol inside.
  • Symbol #2: After jumping through a sandfall and appearing over a massive canyon, look to the right. There’s a platform jutting out from the rock wall with an easily visible glowing symbol.
  • Symbol #3: During the second sliding sequence, stick to the center of the desert and move through the three arches. After ramping off a rock, you should see a large rock mountain sticking out of the sand ahead with a building on top. Move slightly left and use the rock ramp to leap to a narrow canyon in the central rock formation ahead.

Underground Passage Area

  • Symbol #1: At the start of the underground passage, you’ll find square-ish tubes stuck in the sand. Eventually, you’ll find one tube on the left sticking up. Look inside it to get the symbol.
  • Symbol #2: Past the previous symbol, you’ll enter a larger area with arches holding up more tubes. Follow the flowing clothe to a tube suspended over the sand on the right with an opening pointing toward the entrance. Glide into the tube to see it.
  • Symbol #3: In the following room, you’ll find strange jellyfish-shaped floating clothe creatures. Midway across the chamber, you’ll find a series of these jellyfish positioned straight upward, allowing you to continue leaping up to a very high glowing symbol.
  • Symbol #4: Entering the dark area near the end, stick to the left wall and explore toward the last slope. There’s a wall of archways, with the glowing symbol right behind it.

Temple Area

  • Symbol #1: After activating the glowing mural, raising the lights on the central tower, look on a ledge attached to the middle tower, on the left.
  • Symbol #2: Using more murals to raise the glowing energy, you’ll eventually reveal a clothe dragon. Ride it up and watch the central tower. There’s a hidden opening in one of the walls on the way up containing your next symbol.
  • Symbol #3: Enter the clothe dragon’s mysterious chamber filled with hanging clothe flags along the exterior edge. There’s a narrow area behind these flags, glide behind them to find a hidden symbol.
  • Symbol #4: Once the glowing energy has reached the top level of the temple, search the exterior temple walls parallel with the clothe jellyfish. There’s a small room directly above the temple entrance hall, high up from the starting point.

Trophies Unlocked

Transcendence (Gold):
Collect all unique glowing symbols across one or more journeys.

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