Unlock the Horse Fairy in Breath of the Wild To Revive Lost Mounts


There’s nothing worse than losing a horse you’ve spent hours training in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. If you’ve experienced that stinging loss — don’t worry, there’s still hope! You can revive lost horses with the Horse Fairy.

The secretive fairy is rumored to live in the Lake Region of Hyrule, tucked away in a narrow canyon. It looks just like a regular Fairy from far away, but approach the giant bud and pay the (small) fee, and you’ll see that this is a very different creature.

See what’s up with the Fairy God — like how to find it and how it works — in the quickie guide below.

How to Revive Dead Horses | Horse God Guide

If you’ve ever lost a horse or let your steed die in combat, there is a way to bring your trusty companion back from the dead. The secret is located in the southeastern Lake Tower region of Hyrule.

How to Find the Horse God: Travel down to the Highland Stable in the Lake Tower region and follow the road toward the Horse God Bridge, entering the Malanya Spring.


There’s a giant bud down the narrow canyon pass — interact and pay a 1,000 rupee fee to unlock the Horse Fairy.

NOTE: The Horse Fairy can revive lost horses… but only if they died naturally. Kill your own horse? Malanya, the Horse Fairy, can sense it and won’t revive a horse you’ve mistreated.

Find the strange horse creature and unlock it early so you won’t have to worry about missing horses — especially if you’ve registered (and lost) one-of-a-kind keepers like the Royal White Stallion.

This is an incredibly useful and easy to overlook feature of Breath of the Wild. Never worry about your lost horses ever again! Unless you really like to kill your own horses. Don’t do that!

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