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Want to find every collectible in The Division? There are two ways; carefully search every square inch of the zone or unlock the Intel Discovery Perk. Learn where to get this useful perk with our quick guide.

There are a grand total of 293 optional collectibles to discover in The Division, which is an obscene number for anyone to try and document. Don’t bother searching for the particulars, because Ubisoft handily added a perk that allows you to reveal collectible locations on your map. You just need the right Security Wing upgrade to make it happen.

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Collectibles Locations Perk Guide

The Intel Discovery Perk allows you to uncover all undiscovered collectibles in a named zone once all Side Missions and Encounters are complete in that particular zone.

That means you don’t have to search every square block of Manhattan Island to find the 293 available collectibles. Instead you can focus on completing missions and encounters to naturally reveal all the collectibles you’ve missed so far.

Follow these quick instructions to find the Intel Discovery Perk and unlock it.

  • 1. Travel to the Security Wing in your HQ.
  • 2. Go to the Wing Upgrade Station.
  • 3. Select the “Canine Unit” upgrade. It may require some upgrades to the Security Wing before this option becomes available.
  • 4. Unlock the “Canine Unit” upgrade to gain the Intel Discovery Perk.

This perk does not instantly reveal all collectibles in the 19 named zones. To reiterate, you’ll need to complete all Side Missions and Encounters on the map. These activities are much easier to discover and have a pretty wide discovery radius.

With this perk unlocked, those 293 collectibles should be much, much easier to discover on your own.

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