Unopened Earthbound Goes For $1000 on eBay


Them Earthbound fans be crazy: An unopened copy of the quirky SNES JRPG fetched a hefty price on eBay – over $1000.

What would you pay to get your hands on a legitimate copy of a rare game? Original copies of Final Fantasy VII or Suikoden II have been known to sell for hundreds of dollars on sites like eBay, and those are usually used copies, too. So what would you expect a factory-new, unopened version of the SNES cult classic Earthbound to go for? $200? $500?

When all was said and done, 35 bids had been placed, and the price had skyrocketed. The final sum? A cool $1,025 – and .01 cents.

Y’know, the interesting thing is … if someone is that passionate about Earthbound, they aren’t buying this game because they want to play it – no, they probably already own (and love) it. Whoever purchased Earthbound for over a grand probably did so because they wanted to own a pure and unopened copy of the game to look at and lovingly stroke for the rest of their lives.

That’s kind of crazy. But then again, so are Earthbound fans.


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